10 Weird Bollywood Facts Hindi Article

Bollywood is a world in itself, and common people like us are very much interested in the hidden facts about this glamour industry. The life behind the camera is different, and we all are very curious about what is happening in the real life if the actors we admire. The B Town also carries many weird facts which are unravelled. These weird facts increase our curiosity level, and we tend to hear them with much more attention than required. Some of the facts are:

1. Kareena Kapoor and her dresses

A most gorgeous lady in the industry had set a record for owning the most expensive wardrobe for the movie. The rumours have it that she owned a dress worth 1.5 crore. This was all done in the shooting of movie “ Heroine Click to look into! >> Read More... Heroine ,” and Kareena wore approx. 130 dresses which were hand crafted by the designers from all around the world.


2. Lagan

This movie had lots of emotions attached to it. It perfectly portrayed how we Indians were suppressed by the British, and how badly they treated us. It also sent a message that if we team up, we can do anything in the world. But the main fact about this movie was that it was the first Indian movie to be released in China.


3. Kaho Na Pyar hai


Many of us wouldn’t have remembered the story but this movie has many records in its name. The most famous being the Guinness Book of World Record. Its name exists there for winning the most number of records, i.e., 92

4. Ra One

One has to admit that even though the movie had a weak story line, the direction of the movie was out of the world. The making of this famous movie cost $27 million, this entitling it as the most expensive Bollywood movie ever.

5. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobra

This movie gives major friendship goals, and the actors have acted too well. The movie also did an indirect promotion of Spain’s tourism, and guessed what, an increase of 32% was seen. Amazing no?

6. Sridevi

This gorgeous lady in the B Town had a role which probably none of us knew. There is a Tamil movie called “Moondru Mudichu,” the actress played the role of a Stepmother of Rajnikanth, and she was just 13 years old. How talented.

7. Raj Kapoor Raj Kapoor was a renowned actor, director, and pro >> Read More... Raj Kapoor

This super star has given us many movies world watching. The movies in which he gave his outstanding performance were shown in Russia where he became a face of optimism. The movie premiered was Awaara

8. Waheed Rahman

This gorgeous lady has played the role of Amitabh’s lover as well as a mother within two years. This is kind of weird! 

9. Mera Nam Joker

This movie of Raj Kapoor was known for having not one but two intervals. This confused the audience at first but the movie was a super show, no doubt about that.

10. Devika Rani In the annals of history of the Indian movie indus >> Read More... Devika Rani

This lady in the house was the one of the firsts in the history of actresses who possessed a degree in film making. This is making us proud.