10 Pictures Which Prove That Akshay Kumar And Twinkle Khanna Have A Perfect Family

10 Pictures Which Prove That Akshay Kumar And Twinkle Khanna Have A Perfect Family Hindi Article

Bollywood is a world of imagination and scenes that might never occur in real life and the heroes of this beautiful world are the actors whom we love. But, when we look out of the reel life, we see a whole another world. We find that these actors are normal humans just like us, who have a cute little family and a place called home. The Bollywood family who has given us life goals is that of Twinkle and Akshay. They have constantly been reminding us that family is love.

1. Their Love for Son

Aarav The couple never gives up any opportunity for showing their love for their children. They even posted their son’s picture and wrote a heart-melting message for him on his birthday. This might have made Aarav miss his family on his birthday.

2. King does as his Princess says

Akshay is completely in love with his daughter, Nitara. She is just like a princess in the house where she order things and daddy cool gets them done. Nitara is also seen ordering her dad to make faces and Akshay does them.

3. The Vacation Feels

Khiladi and his beloved wife shared a picture which gave us couple goals. They were on a vacation when this adorable picture was out, featuring their love for each other, and the way they loved spending time with each other.

4. The Mommy- Daughter Moment

Twinkle can never have enough of her little princess, and the picture here says it all. Here Nitara is giving her mommy a good morning kiss while Twinkle goes for the same while holding her coffee.

5. Stories Over Lunch

The couple spend quality time with their friends too. The picture here shows how Twinkle and her beloved friend Gayatri, together taught their husbands to cook a meal for them, and they are having a good laugh. Adorable isn’t it?

6. Mommy Cool

Twinkle is a very cool and open-minded mom, and this is clear from the picture. Her children are her life, and she is not afraid to show off her beautiful kids.

7. The Little Death Click to look into! >> Read More... The Little Death God

There are moments you want to remember, so you capture them. Twinkle did the same. Nitara was dressed like a little death God with a chopping knife in her hand, and her sneaky, cute moments were precious to capture. The way she posed was the cutest thing.

8. Lazy Afternoons

Twinkle makes sure her kids get enough time with their family. She is seen spending afternoons playing with Nitara or Aarav. The picture shows she has her ways of imparting education to her kids. A game of scramble is definitely worth an afternoon.

9. Nitara is the New Thor

The picture here shows how Nitara is dressed as a Thor princess rather than being a helpless princess. Here Twinkle did her job well by telling her that girls are not weak but the most strong beings on earth.

10. The Relationship Goals

The couple loves the bond between them and are not afraid to show off. They post on every occasion showing their love for each other.