10 Actors Who Gave Their Voice To Hollywood Movies

10 Actors Who Gave Their Voice To Hollywood Movies Hindi Article

The film industry is a large on the scale of the world. Hollywood and Bollywood are merging their lines, and shaking hands. The Hollywood movies to be released in India are to be dubbed in Hindi, and now the Bollywood actors have openly come up, and stared providing these movies with their voices to attract more, and more audience. This was, the Hollywood movie also does well in India, and this favor is later returned by Hollywood when any Bollywood movie is released.

1. The Amazing Spiderman - : Vivek Oberoi

The movie of the Amazing Spiderman had a lot of crazes, and when dubbed in Hindi, Vivek Oberoi came forward to give his voice as Electro. This is because he thought his voice suited this character the most.

2. Rio 2:  Sonakshi Sinha

This movie was all about birds, and also has a game on it. The voice of the character Jewel was given by Sonakshi Sinha, and also the character Blu got its voice from the very talented actor Imran Khan.

3. Ice Age – Collision Course: Arjun Kapoor

The character of Buck in this animated movie got from Arjun Kapoor. During his dialogues, he also mimicked actors like Anil Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, and Sanjay Dutt. It was a pleasure to hear him through a character like this.

4. The Incredible: Shah Rukh Khan

Although sometimes it is painful to see the dialogs being ripped when dubbed in Hindi, everything was fine, and SRK dubbed very well until it was revealed that the main character was titled as Mr. Lajawab in the Hindi version.

5. The Jungle Book: Om Puri

The Jungle Book is every child’s favorite movie since their childhood, and the late actor Om Puri said it was his honor to be a part of this movie by giving his voice as Bagheera.

6. The Legend Of Hercules: Sonu Sood

This is the most famous character from Roman time, and the movie was a big hit. The main actor got its voice in Hindi from SonuSood.

7. The Jungle Book: Nana Patekar

This movie again brought many great actors to give in their voices, and one of them was Nana Patekar. He gave his voice as Shere Khan, a terrifying tiger, and did a fantastic job.

8. Captain America- Civil War: Varun Dhawan

Being a Marvel fan, I would like to watch this movie in English as I cannot see the dialogs being ripped. Varun Dhawan gave his voice to Steve Rogers, the lead of Captain America, and he did quite well.

9 Spider-Man – Homecoming: Tiger Shroff

Tiger was eager to give his voice to his favorite character since childhood, Spiderman. He stated that it was a dream come true, and was excited to do this.

10. The Jungle Book: Priyanka Chopra

This movie demanded many actors to participate in the dubbing, and one of the actors was Priyanka who lends her voice for the character Kaa. She is a python, and was chosen as she has a mysterious depth in her voice.