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Suicide Squad Trailers, Teasers & Video Songs

The most awaited movie for DC fans, other than Batman vs Superman, is the Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad is a story about a group of villainous rejects trying to save the world from unknown threats for the chance of a clean slate. The trailer’s opening gives more detail into the main plot of the movie. Amanda Waller is assembling a team of imprisoned criminals with promise of freedom to do their dirt work. Each scene shows an intriguing element of the story. There are scenes of the confinement facility shown with the heavy guarding for each member .

Amanda assures her colleagues of her ability to control the prisoners to her needs. The song ‘ I Made a Joke’ by Sidney Chase provides a haunting and eerie background to the trailer. The clips of each member introduces the cast for each role. Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, is wonderfully insane and her portrayal is perfect. Dead Shot, played by Will Smith, surmises their part as the ‘patsies’ and names the team as the ‘Suicide Squad.’ The trailer is dramatic, mixing in the stories of each of the characters to give us an understanding of how they came to be, without ruining the entire movie. There is a surprise cameo by Batman in the scene where Harley is driving his Bat mobile. The trailer is captivating and enthralling with explosions, guns, and crazy villains.

The movie, unlike other superhero stories which turn out to be pensive, promises to be fun and careless. The most shocking reveal is that of Jared Leto as the joker. He appears totally badass in his tattoos and toxic green hair, with an insane smile on his face waiting to torture his victim, rumored to be Harley, to insanity. The movie will either be an astounding success or a diasappointing failure. Only time will tell.