Top 10 Entertainment Awards Show In The World

Top 10 Entertainment Awards Show In The World English Article

There are various awards show presented and hosted by the different company all across the world in the domain of entertainment. Still, few of them are of such high importance that every individual from the background of film/ shows or any industry aspires to achieve it once in their lifetime. So below shown is the list of the top 10 shows in the world in the interest of entertainment.

1. The Oscars

The oscar award is the most famous in the world and is known as the dream award of every artist in the entertainment field. Each year, this award rewards the top individuals with the best outcome given to the world through their skills. This award occurred in the year 1929 for the first time. This award show is from the US.


2. The Annual Golden Globe Awards

The Association of foreign press from Hollywood organized the award and started for the first time in 1944. This award is for persons with exceptional talent in cinema and television all across countries. This award is based on the nomination for it in the whole period of 1 year, starting from January 1 till December 31.

3. The British Academy Television Awards

The British Academy Television Awards started in 1955, consisting of 6 different types of awards, also more overly recognized by the BAFTA awards. And the latest award was presented in march of 2022. This award is a bit different from many awards, as it is for excellent performance on the set of television programs. This award is by the Association of Arts in Film and Television Shows.


4. Film Of The Year - European Film Awards

The European Film Academy started awarding the best performance across the cinema industry throughout Europe, known initially as the Felix Awards. The award ceremony used to be present in almost every city on the European continent. The most important honor is the Film of the Year Award, first presented in 1988.


5. Filmfare Awards

Following these internationally renowned honors in the entertainment business, the Filmfare Awards, among the most prestigious for motion pictures and their many roles, are given out. The first event was in March 1954. The last performance occurred on March 27, 2021. Additionally, these honors are exclusive to the Hindi film industry. It is India's best awards show for cinema industries.


6. The Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

The Annual Daytime Emmy Awards has started by America's daytime television. Programming. National Television Arts and Sciences Academy hosts this show in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . The first award took place in the year 1949. Also, the Emmy awards come in different sections like Engineering Emmy, News & Documentary Emmy, Sports Emmy, International Emmy, Daytime Emmy, News & Documentary Emmy, and Primetime Emmy.


7. Spike TV VGA Video Game Awards

The Spike TV VGA Video Game Awards was a specific word only related to the video gaming world. It used to be hosted by the American Television channel Spike. The award show began in 2003, and the last session of awards distribution occurred in the year 2013, but it still became so popular in the time phase of these ten years that it is now on the list of the top awards show.


8. Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

The Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards has held every year for the artist and performers in the department of televisions show and films and treater work. This award is held in Los Angeles and is from the SAG-AFTRA company.


9. Zee Cine Awards

A TV network called Zee TV runs and administers the Zee Cine Awards. This award is known for its centralized prize-giving procedure and how it enables individuals to show their skills to the whole nation. To identify the best film in this event was established in 1997.

10. Critics' Choice Movie Awards

Recently the award show was in march of 2022. The American-Canadian Critics Choice Association hosts this yearly awards ceremony to recognize the best in cinematic excellence in every section of film development and the best review the film has over it.