10 Times Chandler & Joey Gave Us Actual Friendship Goals!

10 Times Chandler & Joey Gave Us Actual Friendship Goals! English Article

I’ll be there for you, ‘cause you’ll be there for me too!

1. We can always start with how Chandler paid Joey’s bills, be it utility, rent or what not. And he did not expect Joey to pay back the money, because who are we kidding; it was Joey (he probably doesn’t even know how much he borrowed in all)! No matter what the situation was Joey and Chandler supported each other financially. (Yes, there was this one time Chandler borrowed money from Joey because basically he was unemployed).

2. They adopted two pet animals together- the ‘Chick’ and the ‘Duck’. They even took turns to take care of their little pet animals. 
How cute is that?

3. Remember the time when Joey decided to move out of the apartment (because of all the money he got from his new TV show, Days of Our Lives)? The scene where Joey gives Chandler the back hug is where we all had tears in our eyes, because you can’t imagine the two of them not being together.

4. The Jo-Chandy dance is just hilarious. They both know they can ruin all dance routines. 
That’s what makes them special.  

5. The best part of their relationship was the fact that they never lied to each other, no matter how harsh the reality was. Be it Janice’s kiss with her ex-husband or the time when Chandler lies about him being in Tulsa; they stuck together for so long because they valued their relationship more than petty lies.

6. No one does a better impression of you than your best friend. 
Can that BE anymore true?

7. In the last season when Chandler and Monica decide to buy a house and move out of the apartment, they decide to have a separate room for Joey-‘The Joey Room’. 

8. That time when Joey thinks Monica is having an affair, he steps forward to check out the truth. Though the man Monica was talking to was Chandler himself, Joey’s gesture was the sweetest thing.

9. The foosball table and the Barca loungers.  

10. The inside jokes. 
You and your best friend would always have those inside jokes that the rest of your friends’ circle can never make out. That is just because you know each other so well. Inside out. Through and through!

Even 12 years after the show’s finale, we cannot get over the amazing bond that Chandler and Joey shared.