10 Musical Movies To Tune Up Your Day

10 Musical Movies To Tune Up Your Day English Article

West Side Story

This musical drama is based on a Broadway musical of the same name, which in fact was inspired by Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. The movie is a modern take on Romeo and Juliet with some quality numbers. In the movie, a Spanish girl falls in love with a boy from the other side of the town.


The Music Man

This musical is based on a story of a con man who wants to get the love of his life at any cost. The con man pretends to be a musician and cons innocent folks, but a pretty piano teacher understands his real nature. However, she reciprocates the con man’s love when the latter helps her brother come out of the shackles of social inhibitions and lisp. 

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This musical drama highlights the essence of music and the changing trends. When a singer-songwriter, who recently broke up with a newly-famous singer, bumps into a struggling record label executive, they create the most innovative album with no funds in. The movie is filled with numerous soothing songs that are sure to get you hooked up.



It’s a movie based on two people who bond over shared love for music. Over the course of the movie, they share some amazing songs with each other and eventually drift closer. But each has their history, and they find it in their hearts to unite with mind and soul with their loves.

Rock and Roll High School

This one’s a classic with rock and roll rebellion. When a new principal tries to implement freakish control over the school, the students know how to handle the situation the cool way. The movie is given a slightly heroic end when they even manage to blow up the school. The music in this one is sure to last.


This Is It

‘This Is It’ means and that is all we need to know. He is “music” and his work sure is a piece of art. After getting the rights to the backstage footage, Columbia and AEG released the film which of course was a success.


High School Musical

This musical is all about that sappy ‘opposites attract’ high school love, where everything is conveyed through amazing songs. Going back in time and reliving the high school is what this movie is all about.


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Les Miserables is the musical adaption of the book by Victor Hugo. With over 40 songs through acts I and II and a totally different setting of the movie, this one is sure to set all those who are into proper drama.


The Sound Of Music

After being given the most amazing kind of music and shown how love and music can get us through anything, this movie leaves us with some heavy emotions. A lady who beautifully accepts a man with his seven children shows immense patience and love through the difficult times.


This movie has a crime twist filled with some great numbers. Since this movie is set in the Jazz Age, the music is a classic, and the storyline keeps you very interested.