Top 10 Assamese Web Series In 2022

Top 10 Assamese Web Series In 2022 Assamese Article

Among the younger age group, web series have become popular. These stories not only managed to connect with active web users but also lived up to their reputation as ground-breaking genre pieces. It undoubtedly took some time to break out of the boring affair of television entertainment, but with the epidemic fast-tracking changes, an increasingly digital life provided the much-needed drive for web shows to grow. While Netflix and Amazon continue to rule the market, a few localized OTT companies with their constrained language offerings have also found success. Nettv4u has put together a list of some innovative Assamese web series that are changing the way content is produced, distributed, and consumed in Assam, along with information on where to access them. Below is a list of the top ten Assamese web series available on OTT platforms:

1. Bhoi

In the psychologically disturbing short series Bhoi, Arnab, a young college student, is tortured by ghosts in his new hostel life. With this recluse and his troubles with living alone, directors Kishore Baruah and Pinkal Pratyush take on a subject that is both timely and important. We get deeper into Arnab's thinking and character, which is a little terrifying on the surface but sympathetic in how it approaches the matter. The exploration of the genre's potential is a modest but impressive effort.


2. Illegal

In the miniseries "Illegal," Ravi Sharma Ravi Sharma, aka Ravi Sarma, is an actor who works >> Read More... Ravi Sharma plays a retired wrestler who coaches a youthful group of enthusiastic boxers with all his force and fighting prowess. In a series of flashbacks, "Illegal" describes the tragic incident that threatened the young team's lives one day and the lengths to which their leader was willing to go to exact revenge. In this interesting thriller, which masterfully delivers on the sense of being on the edge of your seat, we embark on a quest to learn the dark, disturbing truth about a location that is more than it first appears to be. "Illegal," tells a relatable story of the triumph of good over evil and has well-choreographed action sequences and respectable production value.

3. Neul

Neul is an Assamese action thriller web series with Kamal Lochan Deka Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Kamal Lochan Deka , Darathi Bharadwaj, Atanu Mahanta, Nabajyoti Nath, and Sandhya Hazarika Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sandhya Hazarika among its cast. The protagonist, Gani, whose issues lead him to commit a crime like kidnapping, is the subject of the story. The main character travels through time in the series.


4. Tomar Opekkhyat

On the OTT platform Reeldrama, the romantic comedy web series "Tomar Opekkhyat," created and directed by Assamese director Kenny Deori Basumatary of "Local Kung Fu" fame, follows the lives of four incredibly lucky couples. The seven-episode series stars , Gunjan Bhardwaj Gunjan Bharadwaj is an actor based in Assam and ha >> Read More... Gunjan Bhardwaj , Lima Das Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Lima Das , Poonam Gurung Poonam Gurung is an Indian actress with Nepalese o >> Read More... Poonam Gurung , Bonny Deori, Alishmita Goswami Alishmita Goswami born on 2nd January in Sorbhog, >> Read More... Alishmita Goswami , Anupam Kaushik Borah Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Anupam Kaushik Borah , and Kenny Basumatary Kenny Basumatary is an admired, young Assamese dir >> Read More... Kenny Basumatary .


5. Fissa

A complex murder mystery starring artists like , Prasenjit Bora, Rajiv Goswami, and Sankalpajit Hazarika, brings a police officer and a crime writer together through a series of complex events. It exemplifies the odd ways in which the human mind works and its games of inhumanity, deceit, and love.


6. Mrityunjoy

The most recent offering from the Assamese OTT platform Reeldrama is the eight-episode original series "Mrityunjoy," which deals with murder, mysteries, and mysticism. The result is typically thrilling when serial killer films abandon the traditional murder mystery format and reveal the perpetrator in mid-motion. As the plot moves into a complex psychological conflict and a grey area between good and wrong, many plays turn into captivating character studies centered on the killer or villain.


7. Romeo In Jeng

Romeo in Jeng belongs to the class of shows known as "cool youngsters in college films," which heavily borrows from Netflix original productions. Romeo in Jeng is therefore the ideal choice for those who like school films that focus more on politics, bullying, and thuggery than on genuine campus life while also telling a love story.


8. ‘L’

The new web series "L," created and directed by Pervez Ahmed, has been successfully streamed on the Assamese OTT platform Reeldrama. The 8-episode series "L," which is only available on the Reeldrama app and website, follows Jitu, a man from a small village who eventually finds himself living the big city dream overseas. The web series "L" is about longing, love, lust, loss, loneliness, life, and learning about life as it is told through a driving school, according to director Pervez Ahmed.


9. Kritikal Kouple

The Assamese miniseries "Kritikal Kouple," an "urban comedy" that follows the lives of Chiru (Bonny Deori) and Suku (Maitri Das) for a while, has become an instant hit with young people. More than 2 million people have watched the eight episodes of this show, which is freely accessible on YouTube. After the series went viral, the channel "ClockNDial" also experienced a boost in popularity, reaching 56K subscribers.

10. Trojan

A cyberattack woke up the busy metropolis of Guwahati to a harsh awakening. When the CID interfered, the conflict intensified, public mistrust erupted, and aftershocks started rocking the state's power structures. The nine-episode web series "Trojan" is a thriller that was created by Dhruva J. Bordoloi and Himjyoti Talukdar.