Top 10 Assamese Serials That Are Available On OTT

Top 10 Assamese Serials That Are Available On OTT Assamese Article

OTT platform is the best way to watch series, movies, serials, and shows online. These platforms display us shows of almost every genre and language. We have many OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, etc. If we talk about Assam and its language, we can find that we have various Assamese OTT platforms, too, where we can find specific Assamese content. So let us list a few Assamese serials available on the OTT platform.

1. Ardhangini

Ardhangini is a famous serial of Assam and is available on the online platform. The story revolves around two identical sisters who are opposite each other. The younger sister runs away with, the elder sister’s groom, so the elder sister has to sacrifice by marrying the groom of the younger sister. As the sister were twins, the elder one had to hide the truth of marriage for her family prestige.

2. Bharaghar

Bharaghar has almost 777 episodes and is available on the online platform. Bharghar is based upon the story of a landlord and its various tenants. It is a serial that showcases modern Assamese society and provides us with entertainment and fun. This is a comic serial and has various famous dialogs.


3.  Akou Khaplang Kai Story soon >> Read More... Akou Khaplang Kai

Akou Kaplang Kai is a serial available on OTT. It describes village life and is a comic serial. This serial has almost 152 episodes and is a stress buster for people. The show deals with the daily happenings of the village and serves as entertainment to viewers. It is the second part of the Khaplang Kai serial.

4. Aaina

Aaina is a famous Assamese serial that is available on OTT. This serial is about a young girl who has endless dreams. She is strong and independent; however, a tragedy hits, and she is married off. Aaina was telecasted six years ago and is of the romantic genre.


5. Behrbari Outpost

Behrbari Outpost is a serial of Assam and is available on online platforms. This serial revolves around the lives of police which deals with various unique cases in their daily life. This serial was made to impart moral values to ordinary people. It is a kind of comedy serial but shows how dedicated the police are to their job.


6.  Oi Khapla Story soon >> Read More... Oi Khapla

Oi Khapla is an Assamese serial that is available on OTT as well. It is serial-filled with laughter and comics. The series revolves around the village and its ordinary life. Oi Khapla is a stress reliever and gives people a break from their busy life.

7. Amrawati

Amrawati is a comic serial of Assam and is filled with satire. It can be watched on online platforms as well. This serial consists of the most talented actors of Assam. The show revolves around an imaginary town named Amrawati, outside the city. In the village of Amrawati, everyone positively deals with the problem and always keep a smile on their face. This serial was made to teach positivity among viewers.


8.  Xopunar Asutia Rang Story soon >> Read More... Xopunar Asutia Rang

It is an Assamese serial viewed by people on various online platforms. This serial is around a simple literate girl ‘Kiranbala’ who is taken to Guwahati for her marriage. But her marriage turns out to be a nightmare and is filled with abuse. To protect her children, the girl kills her husband and is sent to jail. Later, she gets famous and freed because of a social organization.


9. Xapun

Xapun is an Assamese drama which is about an ambitious man in a village. The story revolves around him and his life. So Mridul becomes a Bureaucrat and marries the love of his life. But soon, his relationship gets bitter, and they separate, including their children. Later, their children reunite them, and the family is unified again. You can watch this serial on online platforms as it is a beautiful show which shows that we should always remain close to our roots.


10. Jonaki Kareng

Jonaki Kareng is a famous serial of Assam, which is also available on online platforms. This is a serial in which various gifted actors of Assam have acted, and different talented directors have directed the stories. This serial showcases the stories of a prominent writer. It has the most heart-touching levels and is admired by the viewers immensely.