Top 10 Most Iconic Assamese Film Characters

Top 10 Most Iconic Assamese Film Characters Assamese Article

Since its start, Assamese cinema has come a long way, and the industry is currently making films that spectators and critics enjoy. Thanks to the growth of digital platforms and the availability of new technologies, the Assamese film industry is set to grow and change a lot in the coming years. Assamese cinema, commonly known as Jollywood, is the film industry in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. The industry has a lengthy history and has produced several critically praised films. Since the 1930s, Assamese film has had a long and rich history. The industry has given rise to many famous people who are now household names in Assam. These are some of the most notable Assamese cinema characters of all time, ranging from romantic heroes to fiery heroines:

1. Joymoti

Joymoti is the name of a well-known character from the 1935 film Joymoti, the first film ever created in the Assamese language. Aideu Handique The first Assamese film actress, Aideu Nilambar Ha >> Read More... Aideu Handique portrayed Joymoti in the movie. The Ahom King kidnaps the Assamese princess, but she ultimately sacrifices herself to save her husband and people. It is a legendary character that appeared in the first Assamese film ever made. Joymoti is a courageous and selfless queen who willingly offers up her life to save the lives of her people and her husband from the onslaught of hostile invaders.


2. Chameli

Chameli, who Moloya Goswami Moloya Goswami is an Indian actress who works in t >> Read More... Moloya Goswami played, is considered one of the most exciting and essential characters in Chameli Memsaab. She is a lady with a strong will who falls in love with the manager of a tea plantation and goes against the traditions of society to be with him. Even though the community is against their relationship, she marries him.

3. Indra Saikia

In the 2005 production of Jonbai, Nayan Nilim Nayan Nilim is a popularly known face, an Indian a >> Read More... Nayan Nilim performed the character. Junali has a crush on her childhood best friend Indra, but Indra is hopelessly in love with Purnima. Junali's love for Indra is a secret. Nayan Nilim was born on September 22, 1993, in Naharkatia, Assam, India. He has worked on many movies as an actor and a writer, including Konwarpurar Konwar (2017) and Jonbai (2005). His acting credentials may be seen here. The movie Jobai was presented to the general public for the first time on January 7, 2005. The film is mainly about the stories of the three main characters, Junali, Indra, and Purnima.


4. Antony

Biju Phukan Biju was born on 18th February 1947 is an Assamese >> Read More... Biju Phukan portrayed Antony in the film Antony Mur Naam, which was released in 1986. He has appeared in over eighty different Assamese feature films during his career. Dr. Bezbarua was his debut film (1970). He can call Guwahati his home. In the past, Biju Phukan has been a jury member for the Indian Panorama. On November 22, 2017, he died away in the Apollo Hospital in Guwahati, having reached the age of 70 years. The movie's plot focuses on the upbringing of an orphaned child named Anthony by a priest who works at a local church. He soon becomes the leader of a gang that preys on the rich and distributes the money they steal to others who are less fortunate.


5. Rongmon

This movie focuses on three primary individuals, each of whom plays a significant part in the plot. Suzi Nayan portrayed Suhani Ahmed Goswami Suzi, and Nayan Nilim and Champak Sharma took on the role of Rongmon. Subasana Dutta Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Subasana Dutta , Zubeen Garg Zubeen Garg or Zubeen Borthakur aka Goldie was bor >> Read More... Zubeen Garg , and Manas Rabin were the ones who performed and wrote the music for this movie.


6. Colonel Goswami

Zubeen Garg had a performance as this character in the movie Mission China. Mission China is an action-drama film that was released in 2017. Mission China is about the journey or mission of a retired colonel appointed to rescue the daughter of the state's home minister, who had been kidnapped by Lama, an extremist rebel making its establishment on the borders of China. The journey, or mission, is to rescue the daughter of the state's home minister from the hands of the Lama.


7. Shankar Joseph Ali

In the 1984 film Shakuntala Aru, Nipon Goswami Nipon Goswami is an Indian actor and also a theatr >> Read More... Nipon Goswami was cast as Shakuntala. Nipon Goswami was born on September 3, 1942, in the Indian state of Assam. He was an Indian actor and theater artist connected with films in the Assamese language. Nipon Goswami was one of the most experienced actors in the Assamese film industry. His acting career began on stage, and only afterward did he establish himself as a successful film actor. His passing occurred on October 27, 2022, and he was a well-known actor.


8. Soniram

In the film Suren Suror Putek, which came out in 2005, the role of Jatin Bora Jatin Bora has predominantly worked in Assamese mo >> Read More... Jatin Bora was performed by the renowned actor Jatin Bora. The primary focus is on the exploits of Soni (Jatin Bora), the son of a robber named Suren and the protagonist of this movie. When the young man realizes that no one will ever treat him with respect because he is his father's son, he decides to study magic in order to be successful and get care. This is the first film in the Assamese language to focus on the art of magic and the skilled magicians that reside in the state. Jatin Bora is an Indian actor and director who first starred in Assamese language films in 1989. He was born on April 25, 1970, in India.


9. Jaanmoni

Shyamontika Sharma Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shyamontika Sharma played this part in the 2011 film Janmoni, which was initially released that same year. Actress and model Hyamontika Sharma are from Tangla in India (Assam, India). Shyamontika Sharma was born on May 13, 1982. The films Janmoni, Jannmoni 2, and Jilmil Jonak featured Shyamontika Sharma in acting roles. The segment of the movie, released in 2005, followed the narrative of an orphan named Jaan, who develops emotions for Moni, who hails from a wealthy background. Even though their relationship is public knowledge, the two people continue to struggle due to the pressures placed on them by society.

10. Netra Saikia

In the film Jonbai, Arun Hazarika Arun Hazarika is an Indian entertainer predominant >> Read More... Arun Hazarika was seen doing this character. Arun Hazarika has played masculine parts in the past, either as the main character or as a supporting actor in many films. He had a role as a supporting actor in the movie Jonbai. Manas Rabin and Munin Barua Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Munin Barua co-wrote the screenplay for this movie, which Rajesh Bhuyan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rajesh Bhuyan directed. It was decided to cast Nayan Nilim, Gayatri Mahanta, and as the top parts of the film.