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Ambati Srinivas is an actor who works in the Indian film industry. A majority of his work lies in films made in the south Indian movie industry. He is famous for the roles he portrayed in various movies, which include Hyper which released in the year 2016, Vangaveeti which also hit the theatres in the same year and Love Cycle which released in the year 2013. Going further back in the years, his was part of the film Ee Rojullo in 2012. The 2016 release Hyper was an action and drama movie. It was about a young man who set out to fight a government official who involved himself in various corrupt practices. The director of the film was Santosh Srinivas Santosh Srinivas is a young, energetic director, s >> Read More... , and the writers were Krishna Vamsi Krishna Vamsi or also known as Vamshiramya, is an >> Read More... , Abburi Ravi As a screenwriter for some of the best blockbuster >> Read More... who was responsible for scripting the dialogues and the director who also wrote parts of the story.

It starred actors which include Mahesh Achanta Mahesh Achanta is an Indian-Actor. He primarily wo >> Read More... , Aravind, and Annapoorna. The narrative is about a truthful employer by the name Narayana Murthy who has a loving son. He befriends a gangster for saving his father from an accident. The story unfolds when the gangster is ordered to kill Narayana Murthy’s family. In the 2016 release Vangaveeti, Ambati plays the role of Karnati who is a lawyer. The action and crime genre movie is about the life story of a legislator assassinated in the period of N T Rama Rao’s regime in the year 1989. A Ram Gopal Varma Ram Gopal Varma is a famed Indian film director an >> Read More... production, the film consisted of a cast including Naina Ganguly Naina Ganguly is an Indian actress, popular amongs >> Read More... , Ram Gopal Varma, Shritej among others.

In Ambati Srinivas’s movie next Love Cycle, the story revolves around an interesting plot in which both the male and female protagonists pretend to fall in love with each other because of their own different selfish motives, the guy does it as it is a bet with a friend while the girl does it to prove due to a challenge with her boss. The movie shows whether both achieve their targets or not. The year 2015 saw the release of Ambati Srinivas starred movie titled Nenu Naa Prema Katha which falls in the category of being a drama and romance film. It stars the actors Satish Reddy Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Mouryani in the lead roles and Ambati Srinivas and Sammeta Gandhi Sammeta Gandhi is a famous artist and dramatist in >> Read More... . The director of the movie V. J. Reddy and the musician Gururaj for a part of the crew.


Born: 21 February 1968

Age Now 56

Anand Nanda - (Actor)


Born: 20 February 1946

Lived For 73 Years

Vijaya Nirmala - (Director)

Born: 20 February 1987

Age Now 37

Venu Sri Ram - (Director)

Born: 20 February 1997

Age Now 27

Kristen Ravali - (Model)

Born: 19 February 1930

Lived For 93 Years

Kasinadhuni Viswanath - (Director)

Born: 19 February 1998

Age Now 26

Tanuja Madhurapantula - (Actress)

Born: 19 February 1989

Age Now 35

Ahiteja Bellamkonda - (Producer)