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Sammeta Gandhi Telugu Actor
Sammeta Gandhi is a famous artist and dramatist in Telugu movies and serials. His native place is Nelakonda Palli village, Pedanamandali, Machipatnam. He was studied in Zilla Parishat high school in Munjunooru upto SSLC. He acted in Chuda Bothe Chuttalu Pattukunte Dayyalu drama in 1964. At that time he was studying 8th class. He studied second gade teache taining couse in machalipatnam. He came to Hyderabad in 1970. First he started his career in Micro Ceramics in Balanagar. He got job in BDL in 1974. He has two daughters and one son.

He gave stage show as Singanamathyudu in Srinathudu drama in 2002. He gave performance in Srinathudu drama show in USA in 10 states in 2003. He pefomed in Allasani Peddana stage show as a srikrishna Devarayalu role. He got Nandi award through this stage show. He acted in Chaithanyam movie in 1986. This was his first movie. He acted in Rajanna movie as a grandfather. His character name was sambayya. He started stage shows when he was in 8th class. He was working in BDL 33 years and took voluntary retirement. He was writer of some social dramas. When he was working in BDL he was acting in dramas. He acted in 60 to 70 dramas in Sapthagiri. He acted more than 10 movies but he was recognized through Bava movie.

He performed as a politician role in Mayabazaar in etv2.

He won best writer award in 2004 in Bangalore. He got best director award in three times. He got Nandi award as best chaactes artist in Rajanna movie. He won more than 100 awards through stage shows. He also won Nandi award in Allasani Peddana drama.

Work experience:

Movies: Bava, Rajanna, etc…

Serials: Thurpu Velle Railu, mayabazaar, Mahalakshmi, Santhi Nivasam, etc…

Stage shows: Rana Prathap Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rana Prathap , Rani Rudramma, Allasani Peddana, etc..