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Telugu Politician ( 0 - 12 )

V. Doraswamy Raju

Prabhakara Rao Kona

Kasu Brahmananda

Naramalli Sivaprasad

Varla Ramaiah

Maganti Venkateswara Rao

Mandali Buddha Prasad

Rasamayi Balakishan

K Keshava Rao

Devineni Venkata Ramana


Politician Could Be A Person Active In Party Politics

A Politician Could Be A Person Active In Party Politics, Or Someone Holding Or Seeking Work In Government. Politicians Propose, Support And Make Laws Or Policies That Govern The Land And, By Extension, Its People. Generally, A "Politician" May Be Anyone Who Seeks To Realize Political Power In Any Functionary Establishment.

Politicians Are Those Who Are Politically Active, Particularly In Party Politics. Positions Vary From Native Offices To Govt, Legislative, And Judicial Offices Of Regional And National Governments. Some Elective Enforcement Officers, Like Sheriffs, Are Thought-About Politicians. Politicians Are Famed For Their Rhetoric, As In Speeches Or Campaign Advertisements.

They're Particularly Famed For Victimization Common Themes That Permit Them To Develop Their Political Positions In Terms Acquainted To The Voters. Politicians Unavoidably Become Professional Users Of The Media.