Revanth Reddy is a politician from Telangana. He is the president of Telangana Telegu Desam Party. He is married to Jaipal Reddy’s niece Geetha. He has a daughter Nymisha. He is presently based in Banjara Hills Hyderabad. Born in Kondareddy Pally of Mahboobnagar district Revanth graduated in arts. He is the deputy floor leader for Telangana state legislative assembly. Since college days he was interested in politics. He became the student union leader. In 2006 he won from Midjil, Mandal constituency.

When he was thirty-nine years old, he became the member of legislative council. This prominent leader his known for his cunt lectures as a speaker and attacks on the government. This is why he is the firebrand leader. He became prominent since he won the Zila Parishad Territory Constituency. He has a criminal charge on account of forgery in 2002. He was also charged with falsification of account details and assets in 2006. In 2009 he won from Kodangal and acquired seat in Andhra Pradesh. He succeeded Gurunath Reddy. After this, he made an initiative for the creation of a Polytechnic College. Revanth has always been a controversial figure. In 2012 Telegu actress named Tara Chowdary made allegations against several MP for harassing in which Revanth was also under suspicion. Later she negated her statements.

In 2014 he once again won from the Kodangal constituency and was elected. He usually raises issues related to farmer’s distress, household survey and compensation for martyrs. He has stood in public sessions upon many debatable topics. In June 2015 was caught red handed in the case of bribing Anglo-Indian MLA Elvis Stephenson. He offered him five lakhs and assured to pay fifty lakhs more. He was charged under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

The anti-corruption bureau arrested him along with Uday Sharma and Bishop Sebastian Harry They caught him in a sting operation. He was released on June 30 after being in custody for a month. All these incidents did not deter him to raise questions against the government. In 2016 he depicted 48-hour Deeksha in support of oustees of Mallana Sagar project. He questioned the Land acquisition act scheme and GO 123. Party presidents of 10 districts were present to support him. According to Revanth, the land policy was a mere ‘scrap of paper’. With this record, he has not been in the good books of many but he continues to rule the party.

K. Kavitha Telugu Actress

K. Kavitha

Kalvakuntla Kavitha was born on March 13, 1978. She was born in Karimnagar in Andhra Pradesh, India. Now it is in Telangana, India. She is the daughter of K. Shobha and K. Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao, who is a well-known politician from the district of Chintamadaka. He is also the leader of Telangana Rashtra Samithi Party. Her cousin is T. Harish Rao. Kavitha has an Engineering degree. She finished her Master’s degree in America in Artificial Intelligence in 2011. She also had a small job in NASA’s (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Stennis Space Centre. In 2006 she started her new career of her life as a social worker. She took up some villages from the district of Nalgonda. By receiving some help from the local people, she gave poor children free education. She is a political activist and social worker. Kavitha is an Indian MP (Member of Parliament). She is also a member of father’s Party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi. In 2015 she got elected for Scouts and Guides as the Chief Commissioner. Kavitha demanded in 2010 that all the answer sheets of average students should be re-evaluated in the state. She also condemned the correction of answers scripts based on region. She urged to increase fee submitting dates and fee reduction. To rekindle Bathukamma she traveled all over the world for past several months since 2007. An NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Telangana Jagruthi is run by Kavitha. In 2014 General Elections, she was elected from Nizamabad Constituency to 16th Lok Sabha. She got caught in a controversy when she made a statement that both Jammu and Kashmir and Telangana are forcedly adjoined to India. She has also said that some sections of Kashmir belong to Pakistan. She also added that Kashmir and Telangana were not a part of India in earlier times. Her other famous protests include the ones against Nandi awards and State Film Awards for ridiculing the Language and Culture of Telangana. She got married to Devanpalli Anil Rao. He is a mechanical engineer. They are blessed with two children. She is currently the President of Telangana Jagurthi


T Subbarami Reddy

Tikkavarapu Subbarami Reddy is a prominent parliamentarian, leading industrialist, filmmaker and a connoisseur of arts and cultural activities. He is born on September 17, 1943, in Nellore of Andhra Pradesh. Subbarami Reddy produced Bhagavad Gita, a Sanskrit movie, in the year 1993. T Subbarami Reddy’s parents are Tikkavarapu Babu Reddy and Rukminamma. He married Shrimati Indira Subbarami Reddy on February 6, 1966. They have two children – Pinky Reddy, a socialite and Sandeep Reddy, an industrialist. In her words, Pinky Reddy (née Aparna Reddy) describes her father as an open book. She says the siblings grew up with an artistic temperament. Pinky Reddy is a well-known humanitarian and benefactor. She is married to Sanjay Reddy, the chairperson of GVK group. Sandeep Reddy heads Gayatri Group as a Managing Director. Subbarami Reddy founded this venture, which concentrates on infrastructure development. T Subbarami Reddy often abbreviated TSR, completed schooling at the age of 14 in Nellore. He then went to Hyderabad’s Nizam College where he took B.Com course and graduated at the age of 18 as an outstanding student. He hails from a family of landlords in Nellore but passionate about business. The zeal to succeed in entrepreneurship drove him to work in Prasad & Company, a construction company that built the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. The training program won him a Gold Medal for Best Construction in the year 1967 from Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister. After training in Prasad & Co, T. Subbarami Reddy worked for Vizag Steel Plant and was the President of Builders Federation in 1978. T Subbarami Reddy’s political innings started as a Member of Parliament (MP) in Rajya Sabha, representing the state in Indian Parliament thrice – in 2002, 1998 and 1996 from the Visakhapatnam Constituency. He held the position of Secretary for AICC (All India Congress Committee) in 2001. Eventually, he became a State Minister in the year 2008 for the Ministry of Mines. His term as a Rajya Sabha Member ends on April 9, 2020. He is the adviser of many committees including Civil Aviation (1999-2000), Road Transport and Highways (2004), Coal and Steel Committee (chair since 2009). TSR also has a hand in producing films. The first picture he presented is a Sanskrit one by the name Bhagavad Gita in 1993, which won a National Film Award. He later helped in funding the Bollywood and Tollywood films Dilwaala and Jeevana Poratam respectively in the year 1983. In 1989, TSR produced Chandini and State Rowdy. The last-mentioned movie State Rowdy, starring Chiranjeevi as the male lead, became a commercial success, and the friendship of T Subbarami Reddy and Chiranjeevi strengthened. Succeeding projects of T Subbarami Reddy are Gang Master in 1994, Lamhe in 1991 and Swami Vivekananda in 1998. He drifted towards cultural and spiritual events after producing these films. T Subbarami Reddy won many accolades due to his devotion towards the promotion of arts in the industry. Mangalore University endowed TSR with an Honorary Doctorate for his participation in social causes. Kala Tapaswi (1993), Kala Ratna (1989) and Kala Samrat (1988) are the titles given to TSR by various industries.

T Subbarami Reddy Telugu Actor