SS.Karthikeya is an assistant director, singer, publicity designer and an entrepreneur. He worked as a production executive for the super hit Indian epic Bollywood film ' Baahubali' , with SS.Rajamouli. He was born on 22 November, 1991 in a Telugu Brahmin family. He has worked backstage for several films, assisting his father SS.Rajamouli and his paternal uncle SS.kanchi who is an actor and a writer in Telugu films. SS.karthikeya is the son of an Indian costume designer, Rama Rajamouli and her first husband. After getting divorced, Rama Rajamouli married SS.Rajamouli. He is an Indian film screenwriter, a famous director, and is known to choreograph action scenes in Telugu films. Rama Rajamouli is in charge of the family and Raja Moduli finances and also designs costumes for Rajamouli productions.

He had a younger sister SS.Mayookha who was adopted by his parents. Rajamouli’s son believes his father, to be his idol, and has started working to fulfill his childhood dream of being a cinematographer by taking lessons in cinematography and working as an assistant for various leading cinematographers. When he was of 16, he started working as an assistant director and showed his talents in movies like ' Manam', 'Dikullu chud aku Ramaya Ramayana' ,'Oohall just gu salade', 'Oka Laila kolam','Eika like' and 'Bahubali'. Karthikeya recently worked for Akhil’s debut film “The Power of Juan.” He has directed a short movie titled ‘Compassion.’ He is also best known for making videos and trailers of the films.

He is a singer in the upcoming movie ‘Show Time’ which is directed by his paternal uncle SS.Kanchi .'Karth' is the name by which he is called by his family. This multitalented hardworking personality, at the age of 25 only has achieved a lot. He is a meticulous planner and has earned the title ‘Boogie Woogie‘ which is well known. Karthikeya works in his father’s movie as an assistant director and publicity designer. He says his father is very strict on the set, and don't talk about anything else by work. In 2014, he started his own company called ‘Showing Business’ which has produces theatrical trailers, teasers and promotions for upcoming movies. This company is also famous for shooting behind the scenes works of movies.