Born on June 8, 1919, in Kuchipudi, Andhra Pradesh, Vedantam Raghavaiah was a veteran movie producer, screenwriter, performer and choreographer related with Telugu film. He was an achieved Kuchipudi artist as well. He was married to Suryaprabha, who is a performing artist. Pushpavalli, her sister, was a more well known on-screen character who is hitched to Gemini Ganeshan. Their little girl Rekha is a Hindi on-screen character. He began his movie career as an actor with Mohini Rugmangada film, which was directed by K. S. Prakash Rao in 1937.

Apart from doing dance numbers, at that point all through years, he filled in as a choreographer for a few Telugu films. His best performance as a choreographer is in motion pictures like Raitu Bidda directed by Gudavalli Ramabrahmam, Vipranarayana directed by P. S. Ramakrishna Rao and many other. Before making debut in the film industry as a director, he filled in as a choreographer. He also choreographed some of the Bollywood films. Vedantam first film as a director and producer was Strisahasam starrer Anjali Devi and Akkineni Nageshwara Rao in 1951.

In 1953, he gained a lot of fame with movie Devdas as a director and producer in Telugu and Tamil language, whose music was given by C.R. Subburaman and starred Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, who became a famous actor after this movie. In the late 1950s, he directed, produced and scripted one of the famous Telugu films Suvarna Sundari, which was remade in Hindi with the same title. The motion picture in its Hindi remake incorporated all vital tracks sung by Bollywood’s most remarkable vocalists such as Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Mohammed Rafi, Sudha Malhotra and Asha Bhosle. Raghavaiah's excursion in film industry took him from being a performer to dance director and his commitments to showcase Kuchipudi were imperative and all around refreshing in the movies traversing more than 12 years (1937 to 1949) as an on-screen character and choreographer.

Every one of his movies was known for an exceptional storyline, music, and portrayal. He likewise learned the whole film innovation, for example, Camera, Sound, altering, lighting and so on. His vocation which spread over through four and half decades was marvelous. A memorable and Raghavaiah upgraded the wonderfulness of Kuchipudi move frame; however his sudden and less than ideal demise on November 18, 1971, at a moderately young age of 52, was the loss to Kuchipudi and also to a cinema.

A. Vincent Telugu Actor

A. Vincent

Aloysius Vincent was born on 14th June 1928 in Calicut and he died on 25th February, 2015 in Tamil Nadu. He was a very popular Film Director and Cinematographer. He has two sons named Ajayan Vincent and Jayanan Vincent and two daughters named Snehalatha Marie and Sumithra Marie. He is the Director of about 30 films in the Malayalam language. He won the Best Cinematographer award for the film Prem Nagar in the year 1974. He is the Director of the films like Varum, Iru Veedugal, Engalkku, Thulanharam and much more. He got an Honorary Membership from the Indian Society Of Cinematographers in the year 2003. In the year 1996, he won the J.C. Daniel Award. He worked under Kamal Ghosh and worked with Gemini Studios. He began his career with the Tamil Cinema. He worked as a Freelancer in Telugu and Tamil films and did a great job and at the same time, he learned a lot of things. In South India, he was one of the talented and leading cinematographers who got himself established in the Hindi films. When cinema was growing in India slowly and gradually, he worked on his skills a lot and he studied and did a lot of experiments with the camera angles and their placements as well. He bought many visuals into existence which were not there in the South Indian films earlier. The writer of his first Malayalam film was Vaikom Muhammad Basheer and the Director was Bhargavi Nilayam. The soundtracks of his first Malayalam film are amazing and this is what it is famous for. Vincent is the Director of many feature films such as Thriveni, Kochu Themmadi, Priyamulla Sophia Theerthayathra and much more. As a Cinematographer, he has done many amazing films named Annamaya in the language Telugu in the year 1997. He has done the film Sahasa Veerudu Sagara Kanya in the year 1996 as a Cinematographer in the Telugu language. A. Vincent is as contributed a lot to the industry over the years. He has also received many awards for the work he has given many hits to the industry. Some of his works as a Cinematographer are Bobbili Simham in the year 1994, Allari Privandu in the year 1993, Uncle Bun 1991, Douthyam in the year 1998, Bandish in the year 1981. As a Director he has done films like Achani in the year 1973, Nakhangal in the year 1973, Aabhijathyam in the year 1971 and much more. His directorial is worth watching. He has worked very hard and achieved success in the industry.