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Edida Nageswara Rao Telugu Producer
Born: 24 April 1934

Lived For 80 Years

Edida Nageswara Rao - (Producer)

SriCharan Telugu Actor
Born: 24 April 1981

Age Now 43

SriCharan - (Actor)

Divya Narni Telugu Actress
Born: 24 April 1996

Age Now 28

Divya Narni - (Actress)

Vineet Chandra Telugu Actor
Born: 24 April 1994

Age Now 30

Vineet Chandra - (Actor)


Nag Ashwin Telugu Director
Born: 23 April 1986

Age Now 38

Nag Ashwin - (Director)

Shani Salmon Telugu Actor
Born: 23 April 1987

Age Now 37

Shani Salmon - (Actor)


The Implausibly Talented People That Write Scripts For Feature Films

Scriptwriters Are The Implausibly Talented People That Write Scripts For Feature Films, Sitcoms, Tv Dramas, Radio Plays, Cartoons, TV Adverts, West End Musicals, And Anything You'll Consider Wherever Ad-Libbing Actors Simply Won’t Suffice To Make Or Design Characters, Crafting Dialogue And Writing A Fascinating Plot Are All A Part Of A Scriptwriter’s Job. Basically, These Artistic Dynamos Type One Just Type Their Words Which Are Changed Into Art By The Directors.

The Scriptwriting Method Tends To Involve The Subsequent Course Of Action: Plan Generation And Analysis, Planning, Character Development, So Writing. Scriptwriters Write Each Side Of A Script, From The Dialogue To The Stage Directions. They Write Material That Is Meant To Be Performed. Consequently, This Offers Scriptwriters A Distinct Reasonably Artistic Challenge.

It Is Essential That The Dialogue Is Plausible And Also The Film Or Show Ticks On At An Honest Pace. What’s A Lot Of, Scriptwriters Should Take Different Things Under Consideration, Like Pre-Watershed Restrictions.