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J. D. Chakravarthy Telugu Movie Actor
Born: 16 April 1970

Age Now 54

J. D. Chakravarthy - (Movie Actor)

M S Narayana Telugu Movie Actor
Born: 16 April 1951

Lived For 63 Years

M S Narayana - (Movie Actor)

Kunal Kaushik Telugu Movie Actor
Born: 16 April 1984

Age Now 40

Kunal Kaushik - (Movie Actor)

Dasari Yoganand Telugu Director
Born: 16 April 1922

Lived For 83 Years

Dasari Yoganand - (Director)

Siya Telugu Movie Actress
Born: 16 April 1996

Age Now 28

Siya - (Movie Actress)

Nataraj Master Telugu Choreographer
Born: 16 April 1982

Age Now 42

Nataraj Master - (Choreographer)

A. Vasanth Telugu Cinematographer
Born: 16 April 1983

Age Now 41

A. Vasanth - (Cinematographer)


Choreographer Reason Behind Every Steps

A person who is in charge of the entire dance sequences in a film, theatre or a television show is called the choreographer. They are trained dancers who are have excellent teaching and communication skills. They are generally physically fit and have a team comprising of a few junior choreographers who train the actors on the screen. Most of the time, a choreographer has mastered more than one form of dance- but top notch choreographers study the art form closely and are aware of most of the dance forms around the world. Their job demands a lot of patience because there are times when they have to deal with non-dancers or new-comers who don’t know how the process works. They work in specialized mirrored dance rooms and have regular rehearsals before the actual shoot of the film.

They often travel extensively to popular places, and many interior and lesser known places, to study their local dance forms and interact with the natives to know about the origin and other details about their dance. They collaborate with the art team- set decorators, costume designers, stylists, make-up and hair artists- to ensure that the dance is not only technically good but also looks great on the screen and that the dancers are comfortable while they are performing. Several times there are sequences which involve risk like the aerial acts, or the fire and weapon acts, or the blind-fold acts- at all these times, the choreographer needs to take all the necessary precautions. They also work closely with the light and sound technicians and the camera persons.