Anjali Devi

Other names of Anjali Devi: Anjanamma, Anjamma, Anjali Kumari
Anjali Devi was born on 24th August, 1927 in Andhra Pradesh during the British rule in India. Her birth name is Anjanamma and she is also known by the names like Anjamma, and Anjali Kumari. She is a very popular South Indian actress and producer as well. She acted in Tamil and Telugu film industries. In the first place, she got into acting in dramas and during that part of the time, her name became Anjali Kumari. At the phase when she got into her debut movie, the filmmaker C. Pullaiah made her name to be Anjali Devi and this became her final name. 
Anjali Devi had turned out to be a film producer in the year 1955. The films she had produced include Anarkali, Chandipriya, and Bhakta Tukaram. As far as her producer calibre was concerned, Anjali Devi had produced about twenty seven movies. Sathyasai Baba was her idol and she worshiped him immensely. Her breakthrough in the Tamil movie industry and her career as an actress happened in her movie namely Raja Harishchandra. It had brought in a whole a lot of fame to her as an actress. And another movie, namely Anarkali was an immense hit with respect to the box office collection. As a whole, she acted in about five hundred movies that was based on Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages. As an actress, she was known for her multifaceted actress who had done exemplary character oriented roles.  
This was the best part of this celebrity who had done all sorts of roles as an actress. She got married to Adinarayana Rao in the year 1940 and he was a famous music composer. She had received many awards from the Filmfare Awards. She received about four awards for the category Best Actress in Telugu for the movies like Anarkali, Suvarna Sundari Click to look into! >> Read More... Suvarna Sundari , Chenchu Lakshmi, and Jayabheri. She passed away in the year 2014.
Aarthi Agarwal Telugu Actress

Aarthi Agarwal

Aarthi Agarwal was born on March 5, 1984. She is an Indian – American actress who primitively acted in Tollywood. She belongs to the Gujarati family, whereby her father ‘Shashank’ runs a hotel business and her mother is a home maker. Her debut movie was in Bollywood namely 'Paagalpan'. Her Tollywood debut movie was with actor Venkatesh in the movie 'Nuvvu Naaku Nachav'. She turned out to be a non Telugu actress to act with prominent celebrities.  Aarthi has two siblings and at the age of 14, a turning point happened in her life, which indeed brought her to the movies. At her age of around 14, the actor Sunil Shetty brought her out for a dance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sunil Shetty was absolutely mesmerized by her presence and her elegant dancing. Then, he asked Aarthi's father to encourage her to get into acting. This is Aarthi’s story as to how she took up acting as her profession.  The stars she has worked with include Chiranjeevi, Nandamuri Balakrishna, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Mahesh Babu, Ravi Teja and Junior NTR. Aarthi got married in the year 2007, to Tasval Kumar, a US based Indian Software Engineer. But then they both got divorced in the year 2009. She has acted in 22 movies, which include 20 Tollywood movies, one Bollywood movie, which was her debut movie in the cinema world, and one Tamil movie named 'Bambara Kannaley,' as an important character role. Aarthi had been in the film industry for about 15 years right from 2001 until 2015. But then on June 6, 2015, she passed away. The reason was that she had been undergoing obesity and pulmonary illness. At her age of 31, she had a cardiac arrest. Her liposuction surgery’s complications guessed to be the reason behind her death.


Anjali Patil

Anjali Patil was born on 26th September, 1987, in Nasik, Maharashtra. She is a very prominent movie and drama actress. She had also done overseas movies which was a milestone in her career. She has been active in the film industry right from the year 2011 till the present and she belongs to the Hindu community. The best part about the actress is that she has done eleven movies in a very short span and out of which she had also given a guest appearance in the Hollywood movie namely Finding Fanny. With You Without You is a Srilankan movie and she had acquired an award in the overseas film Fest. At the age of fourteen, Anjali Patil had planned to do acting as her profession. So, she did her graduation in a cinema related field at the University of Pune. She is a Bachelor’s graduate of Arts and she got the degree with distinction. Her debut movie was a Hollywood cum Bollywood venture, namely Delhi in a Day. This had become a viral hit and she gained her recognition as an actress. This made her to get critically regarded for her performance in the film. She graduated herself as an actress cum producer for the short movie Green Bangles. This gained her fame as a producer. She had also tried with another aspect of working in a movie as a dubbing artist. The dubbing was based on the language of Sinhala. In the International Film Festival of India, she had received an award for her acting. The movie, namely “Kill the Rapist?” was a movie that got released in the year 2014 and she did a commendable job as far as her performance in the movie was concerned. Anjali Patil’s recent movie that got released in the year 2014 was Finding Fanny. It is considered that she is one of the youngest actresses who is doing good films.

Anjali Patil Telugu Actress