Gayathri Priya

Other names of Gayathri Priya: Kayathri Priya
Gayathri Priya Tamil Actress

Gayathri Priya is a television and film actor. She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and India. She mainly works with the Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu Film Industry. She has Indian Nationality. She had appeared in the film industry various times. She is residing in the Tamil Nadu, and India. She is an actor of versatile talent. She has worked with several serials. She had debuted with the film ‘Little Hearts.’ It is in the Telugu language. Her other names are Gayathripriya and Kayathri Priya. She was born on February 23. She has been active in the Tollywood film industry for 2001. Her hobby is watching television. She mainly works with the serials. Gayathri Priya and R Venkateshwar did the lead role in the movie ‘Little Hearts.’ She did work with the various actors like Ajay, Rajasekar, Dileep Sankar Dileep Sankar was born on 24 January and is from C >> Read More... Dileep Sankar , Aneesh Ravi Aneesh Ravi is a Malayalam Television actor, ancho >> Read More... Aneesh Ravi , and Saju.

Srikanth has directed the little hearts. Sri Venkateshwara Film University has produced the movie. She also did the number of serials like Kalyana Parisu Click to look into! >> Read More... Kalyana Parisu , Minnukettu, and Chellamadi Nee Enakku Chellamadi Nee Enakku was a highly rated Tamil mor >> Read More... Chellamadi Nee Enakku . In Chellemadi Nee Enakku, Gayathri has played the character of Parvathi Kritika. Is English translation is ‘you are my sweetie.' It had cast from the year 2006 to 2008. It had shot in the Tamil language. It had aired on the SUN-TV channel. The cast list for the daily soap opera is Ajay Kapoor Ajay Kapoor is an actor in the Tamil Television in >> Read More... Ajay Kapoor , Gayathri Priya, Sri Devi, Krithiga, V adivukkarasi, and . Ajay Kapoor did the role Siva, Gayathri as Parwathi, Krithika Krishnan Krithika Krishnan Swaminathan, also known as Kirut >> Read More... Krithika Krishnan as Sri Devi, Devi Priya, and NESAN. Its cast is Rajasekar, Banumathi, Abishek, Rao Ramesh Rao Ramesh is a Telugu actor and son of Rao Gopal >> Read More... Rao Ramesh , Azhagu, P R. Varalakshmi, Dr, Sharmilla, Chokkalingam, and Nithya Ravindran.

It had also air in Neighbour country Sri Lanka on the channel Vasantham TV. Vasantham TV is the Tamil language channel in Sri Lanka. SN Sakthi Vel is the director of this serial. It has produced by the Abhinaya Creations Radha Krishnan. It had started to air on December 11 and in the year 2006. In addition, its last episode had aired on TV on September 8 and in the year 2008. The other serial Minnukettu has aired on the channel Surya TV. It had shot in the Malayalam language. It has the genre drama. It is a magical serial as it used to pull its audiences to the TVs. It was the hit of its times. It has first aired on TV in the year 2007. S Siddique did the production. It was an emotional family show. It has made over the 1000 episodes because of the audiences.