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Telugu Movie Actor Rao Ramesh
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Rao Ramesh is a Telugu actor and son of Rao Gopal Rao Rao Gopal Rao was a popular Telugu actor and a pol >> Read More... , one of the greatest actors of Telugu cinema. He was born in Srikakulam district in present state of Andhra Pradesh. He was married and couple has a son and daughter. He was brought up in Chennai with his father being an actor at that time. He completed his B.Com in Chennai. He was very much interested in photography. He also tried at join The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, California for pursuing different courses but latter dropped due to reluctance from parents.
Being a son of great actor nobody came up with petty jobs to him, he himself tried to direct a few films on his own but his mother pursued him to become an actor like his father. His career was very low at the starting. He was an avid reader of poetry also and has ferocity of narration. He tried to start his career in a TV serial by Gantasala Ratna Kumar (famous TV serial director), but he was too shy and nervous before camera and odd are against him which made serial stalled in the middle. Later he went back to Chennai and there he started as a small screen artist and started acting in TV serials. He acted in serials like ‘Pavitra bandham’ and ‘Kalavari Kodalu’ and spent about four and half years working on TV serials.
He got a breakthrough movie named Gamyam (message oriented film) in 2008, Later on he has a catastrophic rise in his career and presently he was one of the versatile and busiest actors in Telugu film industry. He acted in more than 30 films in the past three years. He was now offered roles in every big project in Telugu movies. He also acted in Kollywood & Sandlewood movies in 2010.


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