Nilgiris Murugan is an Indian producer who is active majorly in the Tamil film industry. He is known for producing “ Koothan” (2018), directed by Venky AL and starring Kira Narayanan alongside Nagendra Prasad. The movie narrates the story of a crew of junior artists, which is threatened towards an ending career.

The crew leader Raana (played by Nagendra Prasad) takes action by training with his team of dancers to win an international dance competition. Murugan generated controversy when he came up with an innovative solution to promote the movie. Since the film was shot on a small budget, Nilgiris thought that selling tickets to even a population of five lakhs would be sufficient to gain profit.

Therefore, he sold tickets to his friends and acquaintances, pre-release, with the aim of marketing to the general audience through his friends. The tickets were valid up to nine days in several single-screen as well as multiplex theatres with a total estimated worth of about Rs. Twenty Lakhs.