Birthday: 06-06-1949
Age: 70
Star sign: Cancer

G. RAMAKRISHNAN is an Indian Politician. He is a Politburo associate of the Central Committee Member and the state secretary of Tamil Nadu State Committee of Communist Party of India (Marxist). He was born on July 6th, 1949.

He was born in Villupuram district and is an associate of the CPI(M) central committee and Tamil Nadu State Secretariat. He was a lawyer by profession, he merged into the party in 1969, and started dynamic work for the Students Federation of India (SFI).

He practiced law for eight years in Cuddalore earlier becoming a full-time party member in 1981. He is always active in its many organizations together with the DYFI and CITU. In the year 1989, he got selected to the member of State Secretariat, and in 2008, he became the member of Central Committee at the all India Conference apprehended at Coimbatore.

.He has a spouse named Reeda and has two children Vanchinathan & Suhasini. He presently resides with his family in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. G. Ramakrishnan is re-elected as the secretary of the Tamil Nadu State unit of the CPI(M) at the party's 21st conference in Chennai on Thursday.

The committee elected an 81-member State committee and 15-member State secretariat. Though the State secretary is usually elect in the State conference, he assumed office in 2010 since the then secretary, N, Varadarajan, wanted to relinquish his post due to health reasons. He was again elected as the secretary in 2012 in the State conference at Nagapattinam.

In the CPI(M), a State secretary is allowed to have a maximum of three terms. The secretariat members include party MP T.K. Rangarajan, U. Vasuki, and party MLAs K. Balakrishnan, A. Lasar and K. Thangavel. The farmers’ section president of the CPI (M) Tamil Nadu state commission K Balakrishnan prospered G. Ramakrishnan as the party's state secretary at the 22nd Tamil Nadu state meeting of the CPI (M) in Thoothukudi on February 21st, 2018.

On the concluding day of the four-day session of the CPM, 81 associates were chosen for the state commission and the freshly chosen members of the state committee mutually designated K Balakrishnan as their new Tamil Nadu secretary.

A new state decision-making committee called as the party's secretariat containing 15 associates too was chosen at the party's state session, controlled by the party's national general secretary, Sitaram Yechury. In the meantime, six people together with a five-year-old boy and two policemen were wounded in a bang between CPM squads and the police at the ‘Red Volunteers March’, labeled off by Mr. Yechury here on the very same day.

The helpers who began their walk at the public conference place on the borders of Thoothukudi, yet, found themselves at loggerheads with the police when they wanted to make way for public vehicles near that place.