Maria Roe Vincent is an Indian singer, vocal arranger, pianist, guitarist, music producer and composer. She was born in Chennai on 4th January 1989. She has worked with music directors like D. Imman, A. R. Rahman, Anirudh Ravichander and much more. Her hits include Adiye, Hey, Bubbly Bubbly and many others. Maria is the daughter of Leo Vincent and Anita Vincent. She also has a younger sibling named Maryaan Rajini Vincent. Maria studied at Good Shepherd Convent School in Chennai. She did her Bachelors in Science Zoology from Stella Maris College, Chennai and her Bachelors in English from Madras University. In 2008, she finished her Bachelors in Music from International College of Music, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2010, she also did her Bachelors of Music in Professional Music from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. She received an eighth grade in piano at the Trinity College, London.

She briefly taught Western Contemporary at the KM Music Conservatory from 2011 to 2012. In 2010, Maria made her film debut under music director D. Imman with the song Kadavule for the Tamil movie Kacheri Arambam. Her breakthrough came with A. R. Rahman’s song Adiye for the 2013 film Kadal. Since then, Maria sang and arranged vocals for various Tamil, Hindi and Kannada movies like Pokkiri Raja, Ekk Deewana Tha, Godfather and many others. She also composed background music for Kadal, Jeeva, Oru Oorla Rendu Raja, Valiyavan, Miruthan and Bogan. Maria started the El FÉ choir in 2012. Her choir performed in various movies like 3, Maan Karate, Maryan , Kanchana 2, Lingaa, 24 and many others. The choir even worked in Disney’s 2014 movie Million Dollar Arm’s soundtrack under A. R. Rahman. El FÉ released its first single Oh Holy Night on 20th November 2014.

They also performed in Season 3 of Music Mojo on KappaTV and award shows like Femina Pen Shakti Awards and Chennai Entrepreneur Awards in 2014. Maria has composed and arranged vocals for television shows like Airtel Super Singer on Vijay TV, Josco Indian Voice on Mazhavil Manorama and Superstar on Astro TV. She was a judge for auditions for The Voice at Anna University in 2015. Maria posted her first single Neethan Yen Dream Girl on Youtube on 19th September 2014 and her second single Konjam Vera Maari on Youtube on 9th February 2017. Maria is Overtone’s lead singer with whom she performed at concerts like Moon and Six Pence and The Mighty Rock Union. They also performed in the Season 3 of Music Mojo on KappaTV.


The meaning of the name ‘Thiruvudaiyan’ in Tamil is something that is pleasant, loving, and affectionate. It refers to someone’s ability to understand how others feel and connect with them. That is exactly the sort of person Thiruvudaiyan was. The Tamil folk singer has been connected with the masses for years, with his eloquent voice, mesmerizing tunes, and deep moving lyrics. Best remembered for lending his voice to movies such as “Mayilu,” "Madha Yaanai Koottam," and 'Virumandi’- where he sang his famous song ‘Nethiyile Pottu Veyyi,’ he has become a prominent member in the music industry. But, just like many other great artists, he too had humble beginnings. Thiruvudaiyan was born in the small town of Sankarankovil. He didn’t have an affluent background, which makes his success story all the more inspiring! His father Palanisamy was just a meagre saree border designer, who had to work extremely hard to provide for him and his family. However, he was the first person to recognize the young singer’s talent, and encouraged him to sing even while he was at work. As the years went by, Thiruvudaiyan’s family sadly couldn’t escape from their financial troubles and finally, he had to drop out of middle school. Nevertheless, that did not deter the passion and zeal the young boy had towards singing and continued working on refining his skills. He soon started singing devotional songs in temples in his locality. The instrument he used as his accompaniment was a A stainless-steel plate! The genius of the boy took him far and wide. Soon, his plate was replaced by a ‘Tabla’. There are many recorded instances, where he moved his audiences to tears with his majestic voice and revolutionary music. He was a Marxist by philosophy and followed the ideology that everything was economical in the end and that the world runs on the spin of a dime. He was affiliated with the Communist Party of India; a Marxist party formed at the Seventh Congress in Kolkata on 31st October 1964 and one which has steadily grown since. He worked in tandem with this party to promote how the masses were being oppressed and wanted to show “the toiling masses how to abolish the savage exploitation of Man towards his fellow men” (in his words). He even sang at many of the party’s rallies, meetings, and other social gatherings, garnering a plethora of audiences to watch him. Not only did this bring in a lot of new members to the party, but also helped make him famous among the locals. Soon, he turned out to be famous! One of his most memorable performances was in 1993, when he sang at the “Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers’ Association’s Kalai Iravu. ” The event was held at the ‘MDT Hindu College Higher Secondary School’ in the Tirunelveli district.. That day, he came on stage as an unknown singer and left as a hero. With his riveting voice, his fascinating lyrics, and enthralling performance skills, the singer’s talent is like an ocean; deep and almost never-ending... He has a family of 5, with two daughters currently in Grade 12, and his son pursuing Bachelor of Engineering. Unfortunately, the artist died last year towards the end of August, when his car rammed into a parked vehicle while on its way to Madurai. He was with his brother, who had to be hospitalized instantly, and eventually survived. Thiruvudaiyan was killed on the spot. Although he is not alive, the Maestro will never leave the hearts of his fans.

Thiruvudaiyan Tamil Actor