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RH Vikram is a Tamil film field music director who made his debut musical entrance in the movie “ Rangoon Click to look into! >> Read More... ” made by Rajkumar Periaswamy and produced by AR Murugadoss. Famous actor Gautham Karthik Gautham Karthik is the son of the popular actor Ka >> Read More... starred in this movie, and this picture is one of the biggest hits for the music composer, RH Vikram.

His debut entrance is always compared to legends first movies such as Ilayaraja’s “Annakkili” and AR Rahman’s “Roja” movie. The listeners could feel the fresh breath in RH Vikram’s songs and new feel in his compositions. He can mix and match any kind of music and make the audience move accordingly to his songs while tapping their feet and nodding their heads. He said that music was in his blood and has deep passion towards it. Even from school day he mentored hard to get succeed in music. During his schooling, under the mentorship of Mr.Suresh, Vikram, GV Prakash created a band; ShrutiLaya and performed in school programs and events. After completion of school, though Vikram and his friends drifted apart by studying in different colleges, everyone got together for the school 25th anniversary. With little motivation and idea he along with his friends started a band in 2008, Staccato which had four members in the team playing rhythm, flute, violin, and keyboard. Vikram and his band became so popular and successful; they performed at the Freestyle Percussion Event held in Brazil in 2011 and in 2012 for London Olympics. Staccato band also composed music for the play which is based on the Tamil novel; kalki at Muscat and made this group so famous internationally.

Not only plays and concerts, RH Vikram had also made music for advertisements and jingles. His first advertisement was made in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh for the Smiline Dental Clinic in 2008. Later he composed jingles for Hot Breads, Surf Excel, Harina Atta and, Lion Dates too. RH Vikram reminisced in one of the interviews that he and GV Prakash grew up together and made music all of their life possibly and learned a lot from him. To get a chance in the movie Rangoon, Vikram had sent three samples of his music which instantly caught the eye of the great director Murugadoss and he immediately gave a chance to Vikram to make tunes for this movie.

RH Vikram came to film industry without anyone’s support or help. Only with his hard work and talent, he impressed many directors and producers who want his wonderful tunes for their movies. AR Rahman and Iliyaraja are RH Vikram’s two favorite music directors and inspire him. After Rangoon, Vikram had also made tunes for the movie “ Pandigai Click to look into! >> Read More... ” released in 2017 in Tamil.


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