Thomas Rathnam also was known as T.Thomas Stephen Rathinam was born in Virudhachalam, Tamil Nadu in India. He is music composer from India who works in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and English. His father’s name is R. Theraisnathan, and mother’s name is S. Amala Mary. He mainly works in languages like English and Tamil.

His family background is full of artists and scholars which include many Spiritual leaders, writers, and architects like Velalyar, Siva Prakasar, Kumara Swamy Desikar, Karunai Prakar, etc. His grandfather’s name was S.V.S Rathnam who was a great freedom fighter. His brother’s name is Vincent Therraisnathan who is a singer and actor as well. Vincent is also known as a publisher and a social worker. Thomas Rathnam was born in a Hindu family, but one of his forefathers in the late 19th century got converted to Christianity. He and his family follow Christianity, now. He is well educated.

He completed his schooling in Manjakuppam from St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School. Thomas has completed his degree from Government College of Technology situated in Coimbatore in Electronics Engineering. Later on, he went to Annamalai University to complete the course of BGL. After that, he went to Madras University to complete the course of DMT. He is also engaged in politics and also in social work. He is a member of Natham trust. He is also a member of JTV foundation. He is well-known as a music composer who has composed music for many films. His most popular album name is Bathiladi (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) which have many songs like Thulluthe, Kala Kalanu, Nee Romba Romba, etc. He has done two Tamil films and one Kannada film;“Thoppul Kodi” and “Karuvarai Pookkal” which are in Tamil, and a film named “Bannada Loka” which is a Kannada film. His brother named “Vincent” had also sung songs in his compositions. Along with Vincent, he has one more brother named “T.John Peter Elberail” who is an artist.

Thomas also made a cameo appearance in the year 2014 in the English movies named “Waves.” His grandfather has won a Gold Medal because he fought against untouchability during the British India. Thomas also runs a company named “Cine Max” which is a magazine and books publishing company. His most popular soundtracks are “Karuvarai Pokkal.” He has also composed music for English, Hindi and Malayalam film. His forefathers have written around forty Literature books in Tamil. In the year 2007, he has been awarded “Isai Aruvi Thomas Rathnam.”  

L. Vaidyanathan Tamil Actor

L. Vaidyanathan

Lakshminarayana ​Vaidyanathan normally known as L.Vaidyanathan was a proficient music director, composer, and musicologist in Tamil and Kannada film industry. He was born in 1942 on April 9th. Before coming into the movie field, L. Vaidyanathan was a traditionally trained carnatic vocalist. He was married to Chenjulakshmi and was wonderfully blessed with two sons. Kannadigas who love his music have a huge respect towards him. Before becoming a music composer, he worked under the legendary music director G. K. Venkatesh as an assistant music director.L. Vaidyanathan was the older brother of the leading duo L. Shankar, L. Subramaniam and the three had played at many musical concerts in early days. His very own father, V. Lakshminarayana Iyer was his music teacher. Vaidyanathan had given his debut music in 1977 for the movie “Hemavathi” which received applause from the music lovers. During his journey as a musicologist, L. Vaidyanathan had composed music for almost one fifty movies in both Kannada and Tamil but especially in Kannada. He recorded music for the movie “Pesum Padam” starred Kamal Hassan which was a silent film with no dialogues where background music had a very important role. Among his other noteworthy pictures include “Ezhavathu Manithan” directed by the eminent filmmaker Hariharan which brought actor Raghuvaran to the movie industry. L. Vaidyanathan had given amazing tunes for the songs written by the lyricist Bharatiyar and made them even more melodious. In Tamil, he scored tunes for the pictures “Dasaratham” and “Marupakkam” which are his remarked works there. Not only for the motion pictures, but L. Vaidyanathan had also arranged music for the series “Malgudi days” a book written by R. K. Narayan and directed by Shanker Nag that used to air in Doordharshan. The title track he gave for the serial, “Thaana na nana” was the famous haunting music which is still nostalgic to many. For almost thirty years, L. Vaidyanathan had lived with music in the film industry. Later on, he slowly experimented with different sounds and produced music out of it..  L. Vaidyanathan had decided to do fusion and mixed up western and classical Indian genres and created perfectly balanced tunes which were instantly hit all over the world. Collaborating with well-known music director C. Aswath, L. Vaidyanathan had released many well-known songs. He has a special knack with the music instruments and can easily handle any instrument with ease. For his exceptional music, L. Vaidyanathan had been awarded the prestigious Kalaimamani award in 2003. At the age of sixty-five, L. Vaidyanathan had left us on May 19th in 2007. His ceremony was attended by so many legendary and veteran artists, famous personalities and music directors.


Naren Balakumar

Lakshminarayanan Balakumar popularly known as Naren Balakumar. He was born in Kumbakonam, India. The town of Kumbakonam is one of the shrine city from Tamil Nadu in Tanjavur Region and it is recognized for its impressive arts & portrait. He lives with his parentages at Chennai. He is very absorbed in Music from his infantile. Also prompted by various kinds of composition and melodies. He became skilled at Keyboard and Guitar in his primary age which helped him to comprehend the Key Music Performers and the systems. He completed his school life from Sri Matha matriculation and Vallalar Higher Secondary School, Chennai.After that, he got Qualification from AM Jain College.He completed his graduation in Business Administration from GNIM a business institute in Chennai. Naren is fundamentally a keyboard player and a Part Timing Guitarist. He also knows Hindustani Classical Music. He learns this type of composition from Mrs. Tanusree Saha. The boy then studied western classical music from several gurus. His initial project commenced at the age of 19 as he used to craft his tunes for the academy fest every time. Through which his choice as a music creator became strong. He also creates music scores for ads, business ad flicks. His resolve and labors on music present an opportunity for him to compose background melodies for bigger movies. Former to this he has created different styles of scores for many Short Movies, Biographies, Ad Flicks. Naren Balakumar, the music maestro of recent periods at the age of 27. He progressed in his musical interest and information in his early days through his parentages. Both them are from Carnatic upbringing and are also from a melodic family. Naren’s granddad Kottur A. S. Krishnamoorthy was a Reed Organ player. His grandpa used to present his music at street dramas and his nanna Thiruvaiyaru A. S. K. Yogambal is a skilled classical vocalist. Belonging to a family that loves song created a curiosity in him for picking music as a profession. Not only has he composed melodies for ad scores, but also a capable contextual harmony creator. Achievement of a film relies on good music, and Naren has an enhanced perception of this and has done ground-breaking scores for around 40 short cinemas and biographical pictures remarkably well. His creations which made everybody turn backward at the maestro and made them feel a different kind of music. The song which he had written for the Onam Festival circulated in the Kerala TV channels named "Enter Priya Keralam.". Naren also composed melodies for Sun Network and other news channels. Naren is presently functioning on Tamil movies and Malaysian films that will be released after a couple of months' time.

Naren Balakumar Tamil Actor