Sivatmikha is a music composer. She is one of the youngest musicians in the South Indian film industry to compose songs for a movie. She rendered music in Kutti Kumar’s directorial, Antony. Her instant success has allowed her to explore other genres as well. She took birth in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Her interest in music began when she was just three. She got training in Carnatic music from her guru Vijayajaya, but she wanted to learn other genres as well. She learned western music from late Sir Daryy. Her parents Sangeeta and Rajesh helped her to pursue her dream. Her father advised her to write lyrics and compose her music. In school, her grades started to drop due to her focus in music.

However, she balanced it out. After completing her education, she enrolled in musician AR Rehman’s academy, KM Conservatory in Chennai. Sivatmikha did a six-month training program at the institute. She learned to operate software such as Logic Pro. Shivatmikha got fascinated by the idea of software in music creation as the reach of it is limitless. You can create any sound with it virtually.

After her time at KM Conservatory, she made up her mind to become a music director. Her friends could not believe it. Sivatmikha sent her sample track to more than thirty directors on Facebook. Fortunately, one of them loved the tune and replied.

He set her up with director Kuttu Kumar. Her social media influence had worked, and she became a part of Kumar’s debut directorial movie, Antony. When the film was in pre-production phase, she worked for seven months with singers such as Shivam, Velmurugan, V.M. Mahalingam, etc. In 2018, the claustrophobic thriller got released. It featured veteran actors Rekhan and Lal.

It is a tribute to Raghuvaran who played the antagonist in Rajnikanth’s, Batsha. The album composed by Sivatmikha is a mix of folk, classical, jazz, and rock music. It has a total of five songs in it. The hit songs in the film include Ponnukulle sung by Velmurugan and Thalaradhe sung by Shivam.

Other songs are named Katrin Kadhal Sivatmikha got a good reception from the audience, and the tunes of her music are still in people’s heads. She has shown her talent in the male dominant domain. In an interview, Sivatmikha stated that in the future she would like to open a music library for young aspirants of music.