S. S. Kumaran is a renowned Tamil film music composer and has also tried his hand at being a film director. He made his debut into the Tamil Entertainment Industry as a composer with Poo. He started his directorial career with the film “ Theneer Viduthi Click to look into! >> Read More... Theneer Viduthi ” (2011) and later directed another movie i.e. “Kerala Naattilam Pengaludane” (2014).

Kumaran belongs to the Valliyur village in Thiruvaroor district. His sole ambition as a child was to come to Chennai and compose music for movies. This addiction to music was shown itself in his childhood as well when he used to stay jammed to the radio and tried to learn the compositions and underlying understanding of creating music. This ambition eventually drove him to Chennai. Since his dad was a headmaster and his parents were both orthodox education-oriented people, they never approved of his aspirations. They always harbored a negative approach towards cinema.

However, he finally convinced his father and joined the Film institute and pursued his childhood dreams to become a music director. During this period, he, fortunately, got an opportunity to meet Ilaiyaraaja at the Prasad Studios. But, Kumaran was doubtful that he could create music for movies, and so he pursued a course in cinematography. Soon he got a job as a central government officer which pleased his family.

But as they say, your heart lies only in your passion and even after working at the government job for fifteen long years, he decided to change the course of his life. He purchased all the equipment’s and learned music on his own while taking a sabbatical for three months. He recorded three songs completely written, produced, scored and sung by him. He showed these recordings to Sasi, who immediately offered him ‘Poo’ and thus the journey began! After the success of the music from ‘Poo’, Kumaran hasn’t looked back. Offers started pouring in, and he soon gave music in many films which include the widely acclaimed “Theneer Viduthi” released in 2011 and “Kerala Naattilam Pengaludane” 2014.

He has also given music for the recently released movie “Kalingattu Bharani” that came out just this year. Further, S.S. Kumaran expanded his talents to directing as well and has directed two movies as of yet which are “Theneer Viduthi” (2011) and “Kerala Naattilam Pengaludane” (2014). And now he is ready for his third directorial venture. Titled 'LIC' (Life Is Colorful), the movie will be produced by Kumaran's Luminars Studio. Besides directing and producing, Kumaran himself will score music for the film, which will have newcomers Teja and Subha in lead roles.