Spoorthi Suresh is an Indian actress who is dominantly seen on Kannada screen. Initially seen in a multi-starer film “Jolly Days,” she has made an entry to the small screen, and here she is playing the lead in tv mini-series “ Athi Madhura Anuraga Athi Mathura Anurage is a very sweet love story st >> Read More... Athi Madhura Anuraga ” which is a love story.

Getting into films was not her aim, she aims to become an IAS officer and is working hard towards it. She is playing a fun loving, chirpy girl who manages to spread joy to the small screen. Her role in the show is not the usual one where the protagonist is shedding tears but the one which is full of life.

She believes doing roles on small screen widens the scope of acting and this is something which encouraged her to do this role. She is the one who won’t rest until she gives out perfect, be it her performance, shot composition or something which involves her or we could say that she is a Perfectionist.

Vishwan has been paired along with her who was initially seen in “Jolly days .” The duo share a good onscreen chemistry, and the main reason to be cast in the tv mini-series is there sizzling chemistry, and later there chemistry turned out for lifetime when the two got hitched.

She has done her debut Tamil film “Mandel Oru Mataram.” “Guerilla “ is the film where she plays the solo lead for the first time.”Bulbul”,”Bodyguard”,”Encounter Dayanayak” are some of his Kannada films. Atma Ragam is a Tamil film released in 2011 in which she acted. She is not only bagging role with sandalwood biggies but bagging offers from Tamil industry.