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Athi Mathura Anurage is a very sweet love story style drama. It started telecasting on Zee Kannada in 2014 and is a very fresh and new series.

The series follows the story of its two protagonists Khushi and Dhruva. The story is a very unique concept very rarely before seen on TV. It splits the series into two parts, one part is from Khushi’s perspective while the other part is from Dhruva’s perspective.

Khushi and Dhruva belong to the same middle class locality in Mysore. They have both been neighbors since they were children. Khushi is a simple, playful, affectionate bubbly girl who is completing her b.com degree at college.

Dhruva is the ideal son any parents would want. He is smart, responsible, good looking, obedient and caring. He is finishing up his engineering degree from college.

Khushi is very attracted to Dhruva, she has liked him for a long time. But, she has been too shy to actually confess her feelings to him. Khushi’s heart beats faster every time she hears Dhruva’s bike revving. Her obsession with him is her secret, as Dhruva has no idea about her feelings.

Meanwhile, Suraj a family friend of Khushi’s family moves in with them. He is a very hardworking boy who has come to Mysore to give his exams. He is very attracted to Khushi and is unable to confess his feelings to her.

Khushi finally gets the courage to confess to Dhruva but, finds out that he is going abroad for higher studies. Khushi’s family fixes Khushi up with Suraj and expects Khushi to marry him after her graduation. Suraj is very happy when he hears this but, Khushi still can’t get over Dhruva.

When being narrated from Dhruva’s perspective the story takes a 5 year jump, in which Dhruva after moving abroad to study finally comes back home to his hometown in Mysore. When he returns home he sees Khushi sitting on the compound of her house with a four year old child. The story then follows the path of Dhruva’s feelings for Khushi and under what circumstances he had left India and Khushi behind.

Another version of the story...

Athi Madhura Anuraaga is a drama show which came on the channel Zee Kannada. The show is a Kannada language one which came on every weekday between Monday and Friday in the slot beginning at 8:00 PM. The program got premiered on Indian television screens on 30th December 2013. The serial has gotten created as an experimental concept which ran for a duration of thirteen weeks only. This sixty-five episode life is an especially short stint considering the long runs other soap operas typically enjoy sometimes extending beyond the one thousand episode mark as well.

Athi Madhura Anuraaga portrays a very simple love story which blossoms amidst the lead pair of Khushi and Dhruva. They both are neighbors and have grown up seeing each other nearly every day. Over time, they began to harbor feelings for one another. But things get further complicated when there emerges a hesitation amidst the pair, and they both fail in expressing the love they possess for one another. Khushi was born into the household belonging to a middle-class family living in the city of Mysore. She grows up into a bubbly, bright, and an affectionate girl. She got loved and adored by everyone around her. Khushi has just crossed her teens and celebrated her twentieth birthday. She is a student of commerce and is working towards getting her B.Com degree.

Dhruva, on the other hand, is truly the ideal son. He is the child every parent prays to have. He is extremely intelligent, very obedient and caring for everyone. He is finishing off on earning his engineering degree. Both the protagonists live in the same middle-class society in idyllic Mysore. As the main story kicks off, we find out that Khushi has fallen head over heels in love with Dhruva. He, however, remains blissfully unaware of her feelings. The narrative in this part is purely from the perspective of Khushi. She keeps dreaming about him but fails to act on it.

Dhruva finally heads out of the country for pursuing his education further. He returns home after five long years. The first thing he sees on returning is Khushi, who is sitting in her home. But she is not alone. She is sitting there along with her small child who is four years old. Upon reaching this stage, the narrative of the story changes. We now see the story unfolding from Dhruva’s perspective as it goes into a flashback mode.



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