Sheryl Pinto is a movie actress and model who mainly works in Tamil film industry. She was born in 1986 in Chennai. Pinto is considered to be one of the hottest actresses in Tollywood. Pinto lifted her career from her school days itself. From childhood, she was interested towards dancing, acting. Later, after her higher studies, Pinto decided to build her career in Tollywood. The movie “Arasangam” marked her debut in the industry after which she started getting many offers. Vijayakanth was the director of this film. This film gathered good response and appreciations from people as well as critics. After her debut, she featured in other movies such as Vaadaa and Machan. Pinto is also the part of Telugu industry. After Arasangam, she featured alongside Vijayakanth in Engal Aasan.

Her notable works include Arasangam in 2008 as Lara, Satyameva Jayathe in 2009, Vaadaa in 2010 as Anjali, Engal Aasan in 2009, Machan in 2012 and Kalloori Desam in 2012. Her role in Satyameva Jayathe was remarkable and remembered even now. This movie was about a girl who fights back against a gang of eve-teasers. This Indian actress of Tamil cinema is seen as an asset to the glamor industry. She is the best example of beauty with brains due to her dedication towards the work that she is required to complete. She is now tightening her grip on industry. She was a famous modeler who has given many photo-shoots before entering into the film industry. Her modeling talent revealed her essence of beauty, and she got the chance to win the hearts of the South Indian people.

Sheela Kaur Tamil Actress

Sheela Kaur

Sheela is an Indian actress who has acted in various regional language films like Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu films. She has been a part of most Tamil films, and that is where her career began. She has acted as a child actor in over 20 Tamil films and made her debut in the industry with the movie Ilavatam in 2006 in which she plays the lead role of a young girl who is the love interest of Navdeep. The movie was originally in Telugu by the name of Seethakoka Chiluka and has been dubbed into Tamil. She then appeared in various Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films in the following year. She has delivered excellent performances and is most remembered for them in the movies Nandha, Veerasamy and Mayabazar, in which she played the lead role of a charming girl who loves Rameshan, but he didn’t love her back and marked her debut in Malayalam film industry. She has done well till now and has become a common name but has been seen in mostly insignificant roles. She is making herself ready to become a big time, a popular heroine in Tamil films. Once she has established herself in one industry, it will be extremely easy to expand to others. She is a very ambitious and extremely hardworking actress. She changed her name to Maya for Malayalam movies, probably inspired by her first role where she played a character with the same name in this industry. Her most recent releases have been Make Up Man and Thanthonni. She was unwilling to expose a lot for films until last year, but when she saw that it was hampering her growth and disrupting the number of offers that come to her, she decided to change her decision and not let any obstacle come in her road to success. Another Version of this Bio.. Born on 2nd August 1989, in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) to a Punjabi family, this charming and raving beauty is an actress, who has starred in many Tamil films. The movies Nandha in 2001 as Chitra and Veerasamy in 2007 as Senthamizh, are a few of which she won popularity. As a child actress, Sheela Kaur has acted in over twenty films. She adopted a new name, Maya after entering the film industry. She got her big break from the movie Parugu as Meenakshi Neelakantam, a Telugu movie in 2008. The film Prem Kahani in 2009 as Sandhya was her first Kannada movie. Her films in Tamil include Poove Unakkaga as Meena in 1996, where her naïve looks and photogenic face as a child worked wonders for the movie. Golmaal in 1998, Dheena as Priya in 2001, Ilavattam as Lakshmi in 2006, as Priya in Cheena Thaana 001 in 2007, as Annapooranni in Kanna in 2007 and in 2008 as Vedha in the movie Vedha. Her sensational films in Telugu are Raju Bhai in 2007 as Anjali, Hello Premistara in 2007 as Nandini, as Manju in the 2009 blockbuster Maska and as Nandhu in the 2010 hit movie Adhurs. She has also done memorable roles in Malayalam films like Mayabazar in 2007 as Maya, Thanthonni as Helen in 2010 and as Surya in the hit film Makeup Man. Her latest was a Telugu film called Parama Veera Chakra as Sheila in 2011. She made her presence in all the four South Indian film industries loud and clear. She has the face, she has the emotions, and she surely has a strong opinion in what she wants. With all of these traits, she is going to rise to the occasion and be one of the best.



Shobha was a famous South Indian actress who worked in Malayalam and Tamil films. Her exceptional acting talents impressed many directors who had different ideas, making the out-of-the-box experimental type of movies. She understood what the directors wanted from a scene in a beautiful way. In several films, she had to present distressed characters, and she excelled at them even at a very young age. She was the daughter of K. P. Menon and Prema Menon, one of the leading actresses of Malayalam film industry during the 1950s. She joined the industry in 1968, making her screen debut in Tamil Thriller film Thattungal Thirakkappadum at the age of six. She worked with eminent directors like Balachandra Menon, K.G.George, Mohan, P. N. Panicker and Ramu Kariat during her short time in the industry. She received many accolades, including two Filmfares and a National award for Pasi. She married Balu Mahendra, who worked as a cinematographer in some of her films without the consent of her relatives. This wedlock created so many difficulties and struggles in the family circle and in the midst of that dilemma she committed suicide on 1st May 1980. Balu Mahendra admitted in his interview to Anu Haasan in Koffee with Anu that he based his next movie, Moondram Pirai, on the life of Shobha, describing the misfortune of fate snatched her away from his life. K. G. George also directed a film named 'Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flash Back' which depicted the real life of Shobha. Her untimely demise was a shock and a complete loss to the entire industry. The cinema industry was expecting a lot from the talented young actress when she suddenly took her own life. She was like a flower which was plucked before she could fully bloom. The actress who was able to present succulent as well as susceptible roles equally good could have gained stupendous achievements if lived longer. Another Version of this Bio… Shobha was a popular child actress and heroine of the Tamil and Malayalam film industries. She was born on the 23rd of September in 1962 to K. P. Menon and PremaMenon, who was then one of the most popular actresses in Malayalam cinema. She was named Mahalakshmi Menon at birth, but she later became popular as Shobha.  Her career started in the year 1966 as a child artist in J. P. Chandrababu’s Tamil thriller Thattungal Thirakkappadum where she played opposite renowned names like Savitri, K. R. Vijay, R. S. Manohar and Chandrababu himself. She was credited as Baby Shobha from the movie Udhyogastha. She continued as child artist in the film industry for a few years before she received her break as a heroine in the movie Utrada Raatri in the year 1978.  She did more than 100 movies in the South Indian Film industry.  She received a National Film Award for her role in the Tamil movie Pasi, released in 1980. She also received a Filmfare award for the Best Kannada Actress in the year 1978 for her role in the movie Aparichita. She married director Balu Mahendra in the year 1978, soon after she had debuted as a heroine. She has a short, yet successful career in the two years that followed. In the year 1980, Shobha committed suicide at the tender age of 17.  Director K. G. George’s movie Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback (1983) is based on her life and death.  Third Version Of shoba: Shoba was the National Award Winner for her best performance in the Tamil film Pasi. Shoba was born in the year 1962. Her real name was Mahalakshmi. She hailed from Kerala and acted in all the south Indian films. Thattungal Thirakkapadum was her first movie, as a child artiste. The Malayalam film Udhyogastha in 1966 made a super hit, and it made Shoba bring to the limelight as a celebrity child artist. Nizhal Nijamagiradhu. Mullum Malarum, Azhiyatha Kolangal, and Agal Vilakku are some of her popular Tamil films. Sindooracheppu, Makane Ninakku Vendi, Gandharavakshetram and Badra Deepam were some of her consecutive hit movies in Malayalam. Ormakal Marikkumo, Ulkkadal, Jeevitham Oru Ganam and Manju Moodal Manju were some of her final movies. Tharam Marindi and Manavoori Pandavulu are the Telugu movies on her list. Kokila, Aparichita, and Amara Madhura Prema were her Kannada films, out of which Amara Madhura Prema released after her death. Shoba was married to the popular director Balu Mahendra in the year 1978. Based on her story, a Malayalam film was directed by K.G. George called Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback in the year 1983. The film has Mamooty, Nalini and Bharath Gopi.

Shobha Tamil Actress