Sai Sirisha is an actress more known for her controversies than her acting skills. She has been in the thick of the news and have been a trending topic in the industry. She is known for her various roles in Malayalam TV serials. She did serials on Asianet and Vijay channel. She is a fine actress and is a popular personality in the South India. She also received various offers for acting in movies. She started filming for two movies, Love Attack, and Ayomayam Apartment Click to look into! >> Read More... Ayomayam Apartment . Her selection for Love Attack was a trending topic in the industry. She was having a good time in film line, but later she left home with the reason of shooting for the film. She left home on 20th May and last time anyone spoke to her was 6th July. After that, she was expected to return home, according to her parents but went missing. Her step father Prasad Rao confirmed that she hadn’t made any contact and thus filled a missing case at the Banjara Hills police. Sirisha did come back and accused her father for the reason of missing.

She alleged that she went in to hide from her stepfather as he was sexually abusing her. She was afraid of him, as he forced her into sexual relations and threatened her if refused. The story was a buzz in the film industry and received various comment from different celebrities over the ongoing issue. She received support from many other fellow actors. Later there was a converse allegation; it was said that she had a boyfriend, Vanasthalipuram. When she left for shooting, she went on to stay with him. The media made it a real issue and made her life really difficult. She was made to sit in editor’s room of a media channel avoiding her contact with other media channels. She was said to be made a scapegoat for everything and was abused. There are many theories and still searches for the answers. From small screen actress to lead in a Telegu movie and from there, she lost her good impression due to some unwanted attention upheld by her. She was having a good time in the industry but, now is struggling. She is a great actress but bounded with controversies.