Aaliyah Maniam is an actress and a famous movie artist. She lives in Rawang town in Malaysia and also the founder and certified Yoga instructor by Shakti school of yoga. Aaliyah Maniam is the best young actress, Astro TV presenter, and she provides yoga training for all groups of ages. She completed graduation, B.Sc.(Hons.) In Accounting and Finance from Lancaster University.

She knows different languages like — English, Tamil, Malay, and she also a young and beautiful model. She always inspires and creates more opportunities in the film industry and also a good pet lover, open-minded, and lives a happy life and give their best to work. She finds happiness in every busy moment, and it makes her happy forever.

She also maintains her fitness by doing exercises and yoga as itself Yoga trainer. She also wears a traditional dress on the special moments and best model as well as a fashion lover. She loves their family members but enjoyed a more happy time with their Grandmother. Her grandmother feels happier every time.

Her practices and self-motivation towards the film industry help to make her a famous actress also in the future, and plays a role model to achieve their goal by a graduation to the famous actress. Aaliyah Maniyam is a Malaysian Tamil movie actress. Her life journey from graduation to film actress was a big and life-changing path of their life that she is finally achieved by their hard work. The first Director K Kavi Nanthan is identifying her talent and provide an opportunity to an acting career in the film industry. Her grandmother and also all family members support a lot but especially her grandmother provides her confidence to succeed with happiness.

The “VENPA” is a Malaysian Tamil movie that helps her to achieve the “BEST ACTRESS AWARD” BY Malaysian Tamil Film industry association it also provides her more confidence with an opportunity to be the Best Actress in the film industry. Aaliyah Maniyam is becoming a famous actress and awarded by the film industry. The movie that makes her a more famous actress as her career achievements also that's JHANGRI (2017) and VENPA(2019).