Irandaam Ulagam


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“Irandaam Ulagam” is a fantasy based romantic Tamil film directed by Selvaraghavan. It has an impressive star cast with Arya and Anushka Shetty in the leading roles while Jaya Bhaduri, VenkateshHarinathan, and Ashok Kumar are in supporting roles. The movie has a beautiful soundtrack composed by Harris Jayaraj, which was already popular among the crowd much before its release.

The film was released in November, 2013 and received mixed reviews from the audience. A class of imagination of the director and the writer is clearly shown in the movie which will help gather masses. It comes with a solid concept and a brilliant idea where two parallel worlds are shown. How the lead actor gets mixed up in both the worlds and how he gets the love of his life, this movie is all about that.

The director has tried his hands on this kind of movie the first time, and it is a brave attempt. It shows the changing environment and the ever changing trend in genres in the movie industry. The production team also has shown a lot of courage in budgeting this bold yet different venture. Credits must be given to the back end team as well who were responsible for all the special effects, visuals and the immaculate display of a fantasy world.