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Rahul Bhaskaran

Rahul Bhaskaran is an Indian film actor who has worked in the Tamil movie industry. He is known for his role in the Tamil movie Vizhithiru, a thriller flick which released in the year 2017. Rahul Bhaskaran was born in Madurai in Tamil Nadu. He has been brought up in many cities across India which made him a pro in many languages, mainly Tamil and Hindi. His zodiac sign is Aries. Rahul Bhaskaran's role model is the versatile and loved actor, "Makkal Selvan" Vijay Sethupathi who is also his most favorite actor in the industry. He dreams of reaching success like his role model, steady growth from the bottom to top with only hard work, talent, and determination. Rahul Bhaskaran is also interested in cricket, and he is an obsessed food lover and a traveler who has traveled to many places in and out of India. The film director of his debut movie, Meera Kathiravan, has praised Rahul Bhaskaran for his immense determination, commitment to his role and focus on sets. The lead actress of the film is Erica Fernandes who is a familiar face in the modeling industry. Rahul Bhaskaran trained her to speak Tamil, and while doing so, he felt it helped him to improvise his acting and skills too. His role in the movie was that of a son of a millionaire, and this character brought him appreciation from his colleagues and audience. Rahul Bhaskaran is in debt to Meera Kathiravan for giving the opportunity, and he praised the director for his mental strength. Being a newcomer and getting an opportunity to act along with a star cast of Sai Dhansika, Venkat Prabhu, Vidharth, Krishna and many more was very overwhelming to Raul Bhaskaran. Rahul Bhaskaran has known the film director Meera Kathiravan for about five years before the start of his film, Vizhithiru. He had asked the director for a small chance during this acquaintance and is thankful towards the director who gives opportunities to those who deserve. The co-stars in this movie, who are already established in the industry were supportive of Rahul Bhaskaran. He says that acting has to come natural and he believes that no one can be taught acting by anyone. According to him, educating acting to someone can restrict their potential and would not bring up their natural style. Rahul Bhaskaran's performance in his movie was the response to the way the director Meera Kathiravan narrated the story.

Rahul Bhaskaran Tamil Actor