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Three of the films he did in his lifetime became very famous. The earliest one is Gurushetram: 24 Hours of Anger. This movie got created with the joint work of two Tamil and Singaporean individuals, viz. Chong TzeChien and T. T. Dhavamanni. Both wrote the story of the motion picture together. T. T. Dhavamanni also directed the film along with writing the story. Gunalan Morgan secured one of the many title roles in the motion picture. He acted like a person named Karthik. Renowned and talented actors such as Vishnu and Harikrishnan, Sivakumar Palakrishnan, Mathialagan Manikkam and Rajesh Kannan Rajesh Kannan is a Hindi stunt director. Born and >> Read More... acted alongside Morgan.

The shooting was done particularly in Singapore, and it is a crime thriller. The script goes around a boy who struggles to save his specially- abled brother from the underworld of Singapore. Manickram and N. Tinagaran are the ones who produced this motion picture. This film released in the year of 2010. He was a part of the motion picture Unakkena Venum Sollu: What Do You Want too. The film belonged to the horror genre made in the Tamil Language. Srinath Ramalingam was the director. Srinath Ramalingam was also one of the three writers of the picture, along with Ramesh Kumar Born on July 9, in Pondicherry, Ramesh Kumar is an >> Read More... and Srikrishna Sivakumar. Gunalan is one of the main heroes of the motion picture. He plays the character of a person named Shiva.

Actors such as Deepak Parmesh, Jaqlene Prakash, Mourhrna Anetha Reddy and Mime Gopi Mime Gopi’s original name is K.Gopinathan. When he >> Read More... have worked in Unakkena Venum Sollu: What do you want along with Gunalan Morgan. Benstan Alex Fernando and Shanmuga Sundaram are the producers of the motion picture. It released in theaters to the public in the year 2015. Going beyond films, he also engaged in working on a TV serial recently. Vettai 3: The Final Judgement is the name of the show. Vettai is a crime drama TV program. It was made by the association of the Tamil and the Singaporeans together. Gunalan Morgan was an actor in its third season.

The third season got created by AnurathaKanderaju, Don Arvind, and Kumaran Sundaram. Jaya Rathakrishnan Jaya Rathakrishnan is an incredible artist who is >> Read More... worked on the script. The story is regarding a unit of Singaporean police which specializes in solving only some particular types of cases. This series started playing in the October of the year 2014. Gunalan Morgan plays the role of a man named Mugi in the television program. Talented and famous actors such as Arvind Naidu Arvind Naidu is a Tamil actor who has worked exten >> Read More... , Eshwari Gunasagar, and Roxanne Sylvia act with him in the third season of Vettai.


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