Victor Davidson is a director. He was born in India. He has associated with the Tamil Film Industry. He has Indian Nationality. He did several films in Tamil fraternity. He is a director of versatile talent. He is born in Tamil Nadu and India. Victor has well versed with the screenplay writing story writing and dialogue writing. Apart from the Tamil industry, he did movies in some other languages too. Victor has worked with artists like Samuthiraani and Theepatti Ganesan. He has appreciated for the venture Buddanin Sirippu. He did multiple movie projects continuously. He has well known for a project like Buddanin Sirippu in the year 2015 in the Tamil language. It also has a genre drama and comedy. He did Buddanin Sirippu On June 5 and in the year 2015. It's run time is one twenty-three minutes.

It has launched in India. It shot in the Tamil language. It designed under the banner of The Vibrant Movies Sakaria Productions. Edris is the editor of the film. Yogesh has done the cinematography. Alimirzaq and F. Faisal did the music direction. Cast and crew list include as Samuthiraani in the role of Vetri Maran, Mahesh, Mithra Kurian, Vivek, Geetha Vijayan, AC Murali Mohan, Vasu Vikram, Suresh Sakaria, Munnar Ramesh, Mano Bala, Rajendranath, Nikhil Murugan, Birla Bose, Theepatti Ganesan, Madhu, Cheryline and many more. Mithra Kurian is an actor who did several films in the Tamil and Telugu languages. It has included as Kaavalan, Oru Korean Padam and many others. The director is Victor Davidson. It has a genre drama.

It has based on the social issues that lie in India. The film has started the production from the year 2013 with the title as Aadhar. They have also launched the video and invited Pandiraj as chief guest in the year 2014. Pandiraj is a veteran director. He is also a producer in the Tamil Film Industry. Samuthrakani, Mahesh and Mithra Kurian did the lead roles in it. Mahesh did the character of Kathir. Suresh Khanna did the character of Arun. Vivek did part of a comedian. Nikhil Murugan is a public relations officer. Victor did work to provide it everything. He is also the awardee of several awards like National Film Award under the category of Best Screenplay. Buddanin Srippu has its meaning as Buddha's Smile. It has a song that has named Raathiriye, Mithra Miga Miga and Thirishur.


Some are genius but some are braniac. We all know Satyajit Roy, Charles Chaplin, Peter Jackson, Rajkumar Hirani were genius and brilliant film directors in their respected languages. Yes, of course, they all are expert in their fields. As a matter of fact, there are many intellects moving around us. But what about all-rounders? They are rare, really very rare. So, let’s discuss about such an all-rounder. He is Biju Viswanath, a rare Indian. Though he is from India, he is an international film director. Not only a film director, but is he a screenwriter also. The reason he is all-rounder is that he has not confined himself to his native language only, he has kept his golden hand in different languages like English, Malayalam, Irish, Urdu, Japanese, Italian, Swahili and Tamil. Let’s talk something about his family. Cheri Viswanath and S.Radhamani Amma are his parents and has a sister named Priya Prakash. His wife is Rakhi Viswanath. He made his debut in the film ‘A Voyage (1999)’. It was a silent film which achieved the fame of the best short film in India. From here, he started his journey. Afterwards, he directed various type of films in many languages such as ‘Dejavu (2001)’, ‘Second Coming (2004)’, ‘Zodiac Tales (2005)’, etc. All of these are in English. ‘Dejavu’ was shown in many Film Festivals like Locarno Film Festival, Pusan International Film Festival, Florence Film Festival, and Indian Panorama. ‘Sign of Four (2006)’, ‘Marathon (2010)’ and ‘Viola (2011)’ are the other movies in English. ‘Lorg (2007)’ and ‘Rian (2008)’ are in Irish language and ‘Music Videos MTV (2003)’ in Hindi. ‘Grand Festival (2006)’ is the only one which is released in both Hindi and English. It was shown in New York South Asian Film Festival, Independent Film Festival, and Manila Film Festival. ‘Thief and Wind Chime (2014)’ and ‘Orange Mittai (2015)’ are his Tamil movies. ‘Parwaaz (2008)’ is his Urdu film and ‘Mafiosi (2013)’ in Italian. ‘O. Henry Stories (2000)’ and ‘Oshizemi (2009)’ are in Malayalam and Japanese respectively. ‘Shadow Tree (2013)’ is a short film directed by him which is in Swahili language. It won Signis Best Short Film Award in Zanzibar Film Festival and Special Mentioned Award in Filmambiente Film Festival. Now let’s see his other operating activities. In the film ‘Phantom (2005)’, he was the director of photography. He was the cinematographer of ‘Sulanga (2005)’ and ‘Poi (2006)’. The topics of most of his movies are generally Thrillers, Mystery, and Horror Romance. Many of these won National and International awards. For instance, we can name the feature film ‘Viola (2011)’. In Mexico International Film Festival (2011), it received the ‘Golden Palm’ award. The movie ‘Marathon (2010)’ was his another milestone. It won awards for best screenplay and cinematography in ‘New York Independent Film Festival.’

Biju Tamil Actor