Plot Buddhanin Sirippu has Angadi Theru Mahesh Samuthra Kani Vivek Suresh Sakkaria and Mithra Kuriyan A senior minister is a shareholder in a multi-nation

Buddhanin Sirippu Ask Buthanin Sirippu Movie Review

Buddhanin Sirippu Ask Buthanin Sirippu Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Buddhanin Sirippu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-01-2015
Genre: Drama
1.5 / 5.0



Plot: Buddhanin Sirippu Click to look into! >> Read More... has Angadi Theru Mahesh, Samuthra Kani, Vivek, Suresh Sakkaria and Mithra Kuriyan.

A senior minister is a shareholder in a multi-national company from which he gets Rs. 2000 crore as profit. The minister has to pay the tax for the amount so earned from the MNC. But the minister refuses to do so and pay half of the profit to a senior lawyer and escapes from paying the tax. This is detected by the CBI and the CBI hand over this duty to the senior office Vetri Maran.

When Vetri Maran finds out the underground illegal activities by the minister, he files the information and makes it ready to hand it over to his senior authorities. But that file gets into the hands of the minister.

Kadhir is a graduate, who wants to do organic farming and wants to provide the people with healthy food. To do the organic farming, he is in need of loan. So he steps up and down all the banks to get enough funds for his project. His lover supports him in his endeavors.

Arun is an engineer who invents a latest technique to generate electricity from the garbage. He too roams here and there to the government offices to get the approval for his project.

This film states that, there are billionaires and millionaires who get the loan from the government and fail to repay them and the government do not charge them; but when a common man asks a loan for a good purpose, the government sends him back empty handedly. Similarly, when the system of generating the electricity from the garbage is approved, it might affect the commission earned by the corrupted officers and hence the engineer’s plan is not approved.

Failing in his efforts, Vetri Maran returns back to Tamilnadu, resigning his job. He joins in some office and similarly Kadhir starts his profession as an auto driver and Arun start to sell helmets, kerchiefs and glasses on the roadside. This film whips the politicians and the millionaires who rule the country with their black money. Each and every dialogue about the politicians is super stunning. But Mahesh… when will he learn to act naturally? Instead of him, they could have used some other good artist.

This is the film, which every Indian must see. Buddhanin Sirippu is a good movie with a heart touching story. When we come out of the theatre, the heart weighs. Let our Hats off to the director Victor Davidson Victor Davidson is a director. He was born in Indi >> Read More... , who has boldly handled this story.