Shakti Sivamani is a musical artist from Tamilnadu, India. He was the winner of reality show Star Kid 2k17. He has been doing music and dance stage shows since the young age of 7. Shakti says as a kid he didn’t want to go to school because of the unnecessary bullying of the teachers. He would sulk and whine about it to his parents until one day; his parents finally gave in.

His parents got him to online learning, and he enjoyed the digital platform. Now, Shakti is a self-taught music prodigy who writes his lyrics, composes, and also does playback singing. In 2016, he released his first musical album, at the tender age of 15. His first album, “ Unarvugal Unarvugal is a love based drama TV show which came >> Read More... Unarvugal ” has 12 tracks titled Intro, Maaman Ponnu, Unarvugal Title Track, Penniyam, Kanavugazh, Kai Korthu, Outro, Ulagilae, Un Paarvayil, Adiye, Mazhai Thuzhi, and Yan Vazhvai. Shakti says each song of the album signifies different moods, and the album is a collision of feelings,

which are influenced by real-life stories. Shakti has written multiple musicals, including music for his album and other musical endeavors. Although, as a writer for musicians outside of his career, it has been minimal. Shakti wrote the lyrics for the infamous Tamil song “Adiye Azhage,” which has been released in 2017. Shakti has also penned the lyrics for beautiful songs like “ Neram Click to look into! >> Read More... Neram ” and “Yedhukaga Maayam” in 2017, along with composing and singing for the same.

In addition to this, he is also a director. The song “Ailesa” released in 2018, Shakti Sivaram directed, composed, and sung this beautiful melody. He also co-wrote the song along with Sargunam. Meanwhile, he is also the CEO and Founder of the Livewire Studios, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.