Anand Kumaresan is a Tamil screenwriter, story writer, and film director. His debut feature film, Vasanthakumaran, was shelved due to a fall out between the lead actor, Vijay Sethupathi Vijaya Gurunatha Sethupathi was not born with silv >> Read More... and RK Suresh, the producer of the film under Studio 9 production house. Later, when the two have settled their dilemma, Anand thought that they could finally restart Vasanthakumaran.

However, he was not informed that instead of resuming his film, Vijay and RK had started the film, Dharmadurai. Anand also penned and directed the Tamil short film, Colour White, with Shubash Vetrri, in the lead role. In 2015, he, along with Anand Annamalai Anand Annamalai is a screenwriter working in the T >> Read More... , won the Vikatan Award for Best Dialogues for their outstanding work in the very successful Tamil comedy-drama film, Kaaka Muttai Click to look into! >> Read More... .

Sam Anton Tamil Actor

Sam Anton

Sam Anton is a Tamil director who is currently making his presence felt in the Kollywood industry. His first film was showered with accolades and compliments from the audience and soared its way into being a commercial success. He is currently working on his next project which is slated to be released in June 2017. Born on January 1, 1982, the young director became a thorough professional in the field with the release of his first movie named Darling. Geetha Arts and Studio Green were the producing banners, and when it was unveiled on the theaters during early 2015, it made a long-lasting impact in the Kollywood industry. The horror comedy was a riot from start to finish and received many rave reviews for the witty and fast-paced funny lines and dialogues as well as spooking the viewers in some of the scenes. Sam Anton, in his debut film, cracked the method of excelling in this genre, unlike other directors who have consistently failed in such movies. Prema Katha Chitran is the original version of this film. The horror comedy flick starred G V Prakash, Nikki Galrani and Karunas among others. It was mostly a heroine-centric film with Nikki Galrani playing the focal role. Unlike his first directorial venture, Sam Anton's next film named Enaaku Innoru Peru Irukku was released in 2016 and was a hero-centric film altogether. The movie released in mid-2016 received a somewhat positive response from the audiences in the theaters. Although those positive feedbacks didn't make the film a super hit at the Box Office, it certainly was an average earner and cemented Sam Anton's status in the Kollywood industry as a director with great skills and a future ahead. The basic premise of the film action comedy is that of a gangster's journey. The rise of the underworld goon is portrayed by, Sam Anton's debut film's hero, G. V. Prakash. The movie has a fair share of prominent actors playing important side character roles, but the protagonist is the central focus in the action flick. The humor side of Ennaku Innoru Peru Irukku is both loud and high octane. It showed the directors knack of using wacky characters in his movies. An odd yet fascinating fact of the movie was that Sam Anton shot 70% of the film during the night time. It is produced by a big banner named Lyca Productions, which is currently also working on Rajnikanth's next film 2.O.


C. S. Amudhan

C.S.Amudhan born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu on July 19 1977. C.S. Amudhan is a notable director and singer-lyricist from the South Indian film industry. His mother was the headmistress of a school, and his father worked as the head of an institution. Amudhan held a degree in Electronics and Communication. After pursuing engineering, he started working in an advert agency. Earlier, Amudhan was in the business of advertising before coming into the limelight as a filmmaker. Amudhan has consistently impressed everyone with his skills be it in the field of directing a film or advertising business. According to him, he desired to pen down a book, a mixture of both comedy and sex, while in school. Amudhan stepped into the film industry with the movie, Thamizh Padam that hit the theaters in the year 2010. Through 'Thamizh Padam', 'Amudhan' tried to mock the conventional scenes that are usually present in a Tamil movie. Thamizh Padam received appreciation and good response from the audience. Amudhan didn’t direct a film full of clichés. Instead, he decided to do something different. 'Shiva' and 'Disha Pandey' played the lead roles in this movie. Amudhan chose to take the risk by breaking away the conventional rules in his first directorial journey. This film was a success and after the release, its release various eminent producers like Bharathiraja congratulated Amudhan for the success of this movie. It all felt like a fairytale. Amudhan then declared his next project in the same year. His next film was Nakka Mukka and this movie also belonged to a unique genre. Vijay Antony was to play the lead role in Nakka Mukka but due to several problems, the shooting of the film never happened. After that, Amudhan proclaimed that his next film is Rendavathu Padam. This film is unique according to the director, C.S. Amudhan. Amudhan has described Rendavathu Padam as a copy of the Hollywood film, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This flick revolves around the story of three companions who resides in Triplicane. One of them is a CBI officer, and one of them is a murderer. 'Vimal', 'Aravind Akash', 'Richard Rishi', and 'Remya Nambeesan' are in the prominent roles in 'Rendavathu Padam'. Amudhan has this knack of experimenting with several genres and producing a rare kind of script. There were reports doing the rounds that Amudhan is also working on a movie titled, Thalavali, in the year 2011. But Amudhan rubbished all these claims by announcing his second project, Rendavathu Padam. Amudhan also developed the habit of reading books written in the Tamil language. He describes himself as a loud-mouthed person. Amudhan is not only a talented director but is also a song lyricist. He penned down the lyrics of the songs like Oh Mahazeeya from the film, Thamizh Padam and YOLO from the movie, 'Anegan'. Amudhan is highly active on Twitter.

C. S. Amudhan Tamil Actor