Shaji Kailas is an Indian film director who directs predominantly Malayalam movies and known for his commercially successful movies in Kerala circuit. He had a long association with screenwriters Renji Panicker A firebrand script-writer, actor, director, and pr >> Read More... and Ranjith. With his association with both the screenwriters, he directed most successful movies in Mollywood.

Shaji Kailas started ‘News’ simultaneously with ‘Sunday 7 PM’, but ‘News’ (1989) became his debut release followed by ‘Sunday 7 PM’. These films did not get wider acceptance. There was a magic touch in screenwriter Renji Panicker and as many as five films Shaji and Renji got associated together broke the box office records in the industry. In 1993, three films ‘Sthalathe Pradhana Payyans’, ‘Ekalavyan', ‘Mafia’ saw the collaborations of Shaji and Renji, which fetched gold and broke previous records in the box office collections. In 1994 and 1995, they repeated the same magic with the release of ‘Commissioner’ and ‘The King’. Later on, Shaji formed a new team with Ranjith and scored at the box office with the release of as ‘Aaraam Thampuran’ (1997), ‘ Narasimham Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ (2000), and ‘Valliettan’ (2000). Ranjith sketched tailor-made role for Mammootty in ‘Valliettan’ and the film was a huge hit. Similarly, Ranjith tried to satisfy Mohanlal’s fans and sketched another stereotype role for the actor in ‘Narasimham’, which brought out two huge hits in a row in 2000. Following the success of the two films, Shaji tried in hands in making Tamil film ‘Vaanchinathan‘(2001) but the film did not do well in box office. Shaji then faced a setback in his career as his films created a commercial fiasco, and many films were pulled out of theaters owing to poor response.

Shaji then took a sabbatical for few years. In 2004, he again started directing films In Tamil and made ‘Jana’ with Ajith Kumar Ajith Kumar is a prominent Tamil film actor, model >> Read More... in the title role; the film was a big flop at the box office. Later, he turned to Telugu debut with ‘ Vishnu Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ’ which was the launch pad of Vishnu Manchu. Even this film failed at the box office. He gave successive flops like ‘The Don’, ‘ Drona 2010 Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, ‘ Simhasanam Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ and his attempts to bounce back to success did not yield any results. After giving a series of biggest flops, he turned to comedy genre films but even then he could not retain his Midas touch in the box office anymore. Many releases in 2014 and 2015 had only proved that his films do not have the same box office draw. He was born on 15 August 1965 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Blessy Malayalam Actor


Blessy is a Malayalam film director and screenwriter who was earlier associated with veterans of film industry such as Padmarajan and Lohithadas and was an assistant director to both of them. Blessy got his first break as a director and screenwriter in the movie ‘Kaazcha’ in 2004. It was his debut movie which depicted Mammootty as a film operator who tours the countryside with his 16 mm projector and shows his films at festivals and functions. The film also dealt with an orphaned boy who was a victim of Gujarat earthquake and meeting Mammootty changes his life. This film fetched him Kerala State Film Awards. The biggest asset of Kaazcha is the story, and screenplay by Blessy and even Mammootty proved that no other actor can match up to his skills of acting in such roles. He was the heart of the movie.  Next year, Blessy came up with another interesting project with Mohanlal. The film was ‘Thanmathra’ (2005) which fetched him the National Award for the Best Feature film. The film had bagged five more awards from Kerala State in various categories. The film ‘Thanmathra’ portrayed the effects of Alzheimer's disease on the life of an individual and his family; the soul of the film was Mohanlal, child actor Arjun Lal, and Nedumudi Venu. The flick was a roaring success at the box office. For his third venture, Blessy repeated Mammootty once again in his film ‘Palunku’ (2006) and again created the same magic; it fetched Mammootty Kerala State Best Actor award once more. The film was noted for its relevant plot, the performances of the lead actors, and the directional excellence of Blessy. The film managed to be an average grosser in the box office.  The next project of Blessy was ‘Calcutta News’ which was shot in Kolkata. The film had Dileep, Meera Jasmine and Indrajith playing the lead role. The film depicted how an innocent girl from Kerala ( played by Meera Jasmine) was saved from falling into the trap of trafficking. The film gave ample opportunity to actor Dileep to play a different character. It was a marginal hit movie in Kerala. In 2009, he had cast Mohanlal again for his successful project ‘Bhramaram’ (2009), and the film was widely appreciated for Mohanlal's performance. In 2011, he wrote the screenplay and directed the film Pranayam, which had Mohanlal, Anupam Kher, and Jaya Prada in lead roles. The film received positive reviews and also a commercial success. It was Mohanlal's 300th film, and it was the third time Blessy and Mohanlal signed a bond together. It got Blessy the Best Director Award at Kerala State Film Awards. Also, the movie received multiple awards in Kerala from various TV channels and Film Critics’ Awards jury.  In 2013, Blessy made another film ‘Kalimannu’ which has Suhasini Maniratnam in a supporting role. The film was not in the league of Blessy's other classics but a watchable movie indeed. In 2015, Blessy is making ‘Aadujeevitham’ where Prithviraj will essay the lead role. The film is based on a novel that has won National Sahitya Academy Award.



Shyamaprasad is an eminent screenwriter, director, and actor in Malayalam cinema. Although he had made a very few films, his art and meaningful cinema has always had a sweet flavor. His notable films include ‘Agnisakshi’, ‘Akale’, ‘Arike’ and ‘Ore Kadal’. He always made his movies based on some novels. Novels had inspired him a lot, and he tried to create a literary masterpiece in celluloid. Since film and novels are two different media, hence he always had urged people not to compare his films with the novel as he had tried to be as close in spirit to the work which inspired him a lot. For instance, ‘Agnisakshi’ had released on 1999, but he wanted to make the films ten years ago. That was his spirit. ‘Agnisakshi’ was a critically acclaimed film on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Lalithambika Antharjanam. The film received many awards and was showcased in many international film festivals. Agnisakshi won the National Film Award for Best feature film in Malayalam. ‘Agnisakshi’ was his debut film, and it also won the State award for best film of 1998. Also, he had been even named the best director of the year by Kerala government. Way back in the 1980s, he joined Doordarshan in Thiruvananthapuram. He is a student of School of Drama and is the son of a BJP leader, O. Rajagopal. Earlier, he made a telefilm ‘Nilaavu Ariyunnu’ which fetched him an award in Germany. After finishing his course in School of Drama, he had gone to England to study cinematography in the University of Hull and then made a dozen of telefilms such as Venalinte Ozhivu, Peruvazhiyile Kariyila, Viswavikhyathamaya Mooku, Uyirthezhunelppu, Niramillatha Chitrangal to name a few. His telefilms were also the adaptation of literary works and he won the best Television Director prize for the year 1993, 1994, and 1996. In 2004, he directed a Malayalam film ’Akale’ which was produced by Tom George Kolath. The film starred Prithviraj Sukumaran, Sheela, Geetu Mohandas along with Tom George. This film was based on the American classic play ’The Glass Menagerie’ by Tennessee Williams. This film fetched Tom the National Award from The President of India as it was judged as the best film in Malayalam in national level. Even Sheela received National Film Award for best-supporting actress. In 2007, he directed a film ‘Ore Kadal’ which was based on a Bengali novel Hirak Deepthi written by Sunil Gangopadhyay. The film starred Mammootty and Meera Jasmine in the lead roles. ‘Ore kadal’ received the National Film Award for the best feature film in Malayalam and even won National Film Award for best music direction award for Ouseppachan. In 2009, he made the most iconic film ‘Ritu’. If all his previous films were the adaptation of published novels or plays, ‘Ritu’ was based on the original screenplay written by Joshua Newtonn. The film represented the changing face of Malayalam cinema. In 2010, he made ‘Elektra’ and had cast Nayantara and Manishak Koirala in the lead roles. This film fetched him the best director from Kerala State. Shyamaprasad had adapted several classics on celluloid so far. ‘Arike’ (2012) was based on a Bengali short story by Sunil Gangopadhyay. Another film ‘Artist’ was the latest in the list of his novel adaptation, and it was based on the English novel ‘Dreams in Prussian Blue’ which was written in Malayalam by a Paritosh Uttam, a techie- turned-writer. In 2015, he directed ‘Ivide’ which was not a best cinematic effort at all. He is married to Sheeba and has two children Vishnu and Sivakami. His films had always been screened in various international film festivals and even Indian Panorama film festivals.

Shyamaprasad Malayalam Actor