For one who had delivered so much laughter and joy into the hearts of his cine going fans, the untimely death of Chitti Babu at the age of 41 must have been a most unfortunate happening. In the ten years that he was actively associated with the world of films he enthralled all who were fortunate to view his films with his characteristic combination of comedy and fun. Perhaps it was appropriate for him to take on a more casual sounding and commonly used nick name like Chitti Babu, instead of his more formal Sajjiah Adeeb. Before entering films Chitti Babu was associated with Tamil TV and was a very popular anchor on Sun TV, associated with the “Asatha Povathu yaaru” a stand up comedy program, as also a similar programme on Jaya TV. His advent to the world of films started in 2002 with the Mani Ratnam Mani Ratnam is an Indian filmmaker deeply rooted t >> Read More... film “Five Star” about college friends, where Chitti Babu played in the supporting role of a Travelling Ticket Examiner. His 12 years career in the Tamil film industry was, however, interrupted in between by health problems which constantly troubled Chitti Babu till the time of his untimely death, although by demeanour he always wanted to project a carefree nature. In his total tally of around 25 films he mostly featured in comic supporting roles, a genre in which he got almost stereo typed. This is because he seemed to excel in such roles. Some of his notable films spread across various themes included “Boys” which dealt about teenage issues; “Dhool” an action thriller subsequently dubbed / remade in Malayalam and Telegu after its success; “Sivakasi”, which was another action thriller, while “Dasavatharam” ,starring Kamal Hasan was based on science fiction and “ Mappillai Mappilai is a drama based daily series that came o >> Read More... ” was a typical ‘masala’ film, starring Dhanush. His last film was “Madha Gadha Raja”, which incidentally was released after his death and has a Telegu version too with a different name.
Aadukalam Murugadoss Tamil Actor

Aadukalam Murugadoss

The story of Murugadoss is one of those typical ones of the small town boy making it big in tinsel town by dint of strong determination and hard work. Coming from an unpretentious background he entered Tamil films back in 2004, featuring in the film “Ghilli” where although he did not play a very significantly prominent role, was seen throughout the movie flitting in and out of scenes as a member of a Kabaddi team. He had to wait for seven long years before he could really catch the attention of the audience in “Aadukalam”. His depiction of a devoted friend to the famous Dhanush, rubbed off on him too, and that, along with the success of the film itself, brought him the turnaround that he was looking for all along. In fact, his success in this film brought him a name – in the physical sense too! Thenceforth, his screen name became Aadukalam Murugadoss.Although he did not figure in any lead roles immediately thereafter, he was seen portraying several strong character roles as the second hero or as one of the main protagonists. Some laudable roles in which his acting drew critical acclaim included his depiction of a mentally challenged person in “Mounaguru”, and again as one of the main characters in the action films “ThadaiyaraThaakka” and “Mugamoodi”.In a role reversal of sorts, he played a comic character in“Kan Pesum Vaarthaigal”, which too entertained his fans immensely. Having persevered for over a decade in the Tamil film industry in various roles, he has at last been able to start securing lead roles for himself. In 2014,the film “Kalvargal” would see him as the main hero for the first time, and many of his fans feel, this would be the second major landmark in his career, after “Aadukalam”.Others, more on the superstitious side, attribute this to a change in fortunes, triggered by his marriage in the very same year!


Cho Ramaswamy

The South Indian film industry has seen several combinations of famous actors and film personalities entering politics and then taking it up as their primary profession, using the glamour and fan following to good advantage in politics. Examples of MG Ramachandran; NT Rama Rao and Jayalalitha come to mind immediately. Cho Ramaswamy is,however, in a different class of his own, showing extended versatility by being a journalist / editor; playwright cum political satirist and legal luminary all rolled into one, in addition to his being an actor in the comedian genre. If one considers the fact that he was also a Rajya Sabha member for a full term, then in addition to being a political satirist, Srinivasa Iyer Ramaswamy (or Cho Ramaswamy as we know him better), is also a politician, besides being a highly colourful, if sometimes controversial, personality. The person Cho is, however, more than the sum of all his attributes, and is at once one who is adulated by a large section in Tamilnadu, while others have equally strong negative feelings for him. Looking back at the acting portfolio of this octogenarian celebrity, he shot into prominence through his play “Muhammad Bin Tughluq” back in 1968, which caught the imagination of the audience with its pungent satire on current day politicians and society leaders. The audience lapped it up with minor variations to reflect the shifting contemporary realities, for almost 30 long years. Such was its popularity that a film on the same theme and the same name was made in 1971, with almost the same cast and with Cho in the lead role. Although the popularity remained undiminished, due to advancing years, Cho decided to perpetuate the play and his performance in it by releasing a DVD for the same. “Tughluq” also sort of branded Cho into a political satirist and also encouraged him to use the same Tughluq brand to serve as the name of his immensely popular political satire magazine. Although Cho has acted in more than 40 films and about 12 plays besides directing or writing the screenplay for some of them too, his “Tughluq” branding seems to have overshadowed much of this other accomplishments as well as blemishes, finally ending the debate about his predominating trait, and establishing him as one of the most well known political satirists today, who is known for his outspoken views and novel ways of raising public awareness on various issues.

Cho Ramaswamy Tamil Actor