Tamil Child Artist ( 0 - 12 )

Ovi Bhandarkar

Master Shakhti Rithvik

Aakshath Das


Darsheel Safary In Taarein Zameen Par Didn’t Make You Cry

If Darsheel Safary In Taarein Zameen Par Didn’t Make You Cry, I Don’t Know What Will. Darsheel Shot To Fame As A Child Actor. Child Actors Are Mostly Supporting Actors Playing The Roles Of The Son/Daughter Of A Character Or A Poor Orphan Running Down The Streets, High On Life. However, Some Movies Entirely Revolve Around A Child Wherein The Leading Actor Itself Has To Be A Kid. Child Actors, Obviously, Are Always Loved By The Audience No Matter What Because Of The Cuteness And The Innocence That They Represent In A Child.

They Are Sometimes Portrayed Causing Mischief All Day Long To Add The Element Of Humour In The Movie. Unlike Your Favorite A-List Actors, Like Shah Rukh Khan Or Rajinikanth, Who Are Famous Enough To Get Calls For Any Movie, New Child Actors Are Mainly Selected Through Auditions Because Famous Child Artists From Some Previous Films Grow Older And Become Suitable For More Mature Roles. Acting As A Child Can Be A Great Boost To One’s Career Ahead Since People Tend To Remember His/Her Work As A Child And Are Eager To Watch Him/Her Act When He/She Becomes Adult.