Jolly Chirayath is an Indian supporting actress. She works for Malayalam Cinema World. Jolly was born at Kochi in India. She has also worked for Inner Science Films Inc. Chirayath has appeared in many Malayalam movies. Some of such films are; June (Role: Alex’s Mother, Year: 2019), Angamaly Diaries Click to look into! >> Read More... Angamaly Diaries (Role: Vincent Pepe’s Mother, Year: 2017), Virus (Role: Pradeep’s Mother, Year: 2019), Eeda (Role: Upendra’s Mother, Year: 2018), Raghavan (Role: Raghavan’s Wife, Year: 2018), Koode (Role: Doctor, Year: 2018), Aadu 2 (Role: Stella’s Mother, Year: 2017), and Ka Bodyscapes (Year: 2016). Jolly has done the role of mother in most of her movies.