Manoj Krishnan was a singer famous for singing on Doordarshan TV. Manoj went to Chittoor Government College. He took his MA Degree from this college in music. He was associated with the Mathrubhumi Study Circle. He started his musical profession from Mathrubhumi Study Circle. In 1999, he released his first album. It was called Swami Sangeetham 2. He released this album along with K.G. Marcose on 18 August 1999. It included songs like Haritha Kaanana, Hariyum Haranum, Kumbhodaranu, etc.

His second album was Nadodi Nrithaganagal Vol 2, released along with Madhu Perattupuram and various other artists. It was released on 24 August 2004, under the label of M.C. Audios & Videos. The album included songs like Chathiyan Chanthu, Dussala, Kaanana Kanyakamaar, etc. Another 2004 release was Ponnambalam 1 with Suma Suresh. In 2005, Sree Mookambika Theertham came in which Manoj worked along with Manjeswar, dated 10 June 2005. Songs like Akshara Maala, Devi Devaambike, Engine Njaan, etc, are on this album.

Manoj worked with M.G. Anil on his next album Narayana Mandram released on 3 March 2006. It had songs like Om Krishna Janardhana, Om Krishna Remapathe, etc. Swamikkoru Kanikka was released on 10 November 2007. He worked with Arun and Vidhu Prathap for this project. Songs included in this album were Ayya Ninney, Gakamughapathi, Himakanamurugum, etc. Kulakkaattamma was released on 11 August 2008 featuring Sajeev Raman. Kailasam Valamvaykkum, Animeyyil, kulakkattoru Kaavunde, etc, were the songs on this album.

Kripa Karo Bhagwan was another album released on 23 April 2010. It was his solo album with hit songs like Leke Shiv Ka Naam, Jai Gaanpati, Jai Govinda Jai, etc. After five years time, his last album was released on 14 November 2015. He worked with the world renowned artist Hariharan on this album. Vandeham Pamba, Pambe Ennum, Swami Kattil, etc, songs became very famous through this album. Along with albums, Manoj has also sung in Malayalam movies. More than 25 songs are under his name. He sang in movies like Sopanam, Subhadram, Mohitham, Thirakalkkapuram, and Manthrikochamma.

Manoj has also tried his hand in background scoring and music direction. He has given music and background score for over 30 films. He has also worked in Tamil movies. He has sung various devotional songs. Also, he has presented in various visual channels in Malayalam and Tamil television. Manoj Krishnan died on 4 May 2016. He was suffering from liver cirrhosis. His treatment for cancer was going on in PVS Memorial Hospital, Kochi.

Rinosh George

Rinosh George is a playback singer. He has the Indian Nationality. George is also a songwriter, composer, music artist and actor. He hails from Bengaluru, India. He made debut for his career as DJ in the year 2009. He started his own company for songwriting and composition in the year 2011. His hard work got attention at several pubs in Bengaluru. Nevertheless, after some time he did a customization for another song. It is now Azaghe. The track is in the Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, and English. This steals the heart of many peoples. In this song, college romance has depicted by the creator. At the time, Bangalore is full of energy the magic of youths and many more things. He came to the mind of different wrappers at the time, who is also preparing themselves for the music world. Rinosh sang his international track as ‘Sunrise' with rapper BanG Gully, and Shree Sen. They are from New York and Bangladesh respectively. He did ‘Be the Change' in the year 2014. It is a patriotic song. It got attention from audiences. After some time, Legend Musician Lucky Ali and A.R. Rahman noticed his skills. His music ‘MeriJaan' released in the year 2014. It is also a famous one for all. This track choked the traffic on social media and topped the chart. After this one, he became one of the finest music creators in Bangalore. Rinosh’s new venture is ‘This is Bengaluru' in the year 2015. Its music launched on March 18 and in the year 2015. In this, he displays the nightlife of Bengaluru, Youngsters hotspot in the track. Rinosh shows his passion according to his will and hard work. His works include ‘Rinosh-Gubbi-Big Deal,' sunrise-Shree, MeriJaan as a track. And he did Love is Magical, Loud Truth in the year of 2015, ChilapolChilar, Water, They Call me Nonsense, PularnilaKasavumayi, and ChirakukalNjanTharam as an actor. He did the composition named as ‘Why Fear Do? There is Beardo.' The genre is EDM Rap. Another one he did ‘Break Free' with the genre Mallu EDM. I am Mallu is another hit anthem of his career. The genre for this is Tapang Rap. He is currently available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Rinosh did movie Nonsense. His album is Coma. The artists in this album are Rinosh George, Karthik Raj, Gubbi, Benny Dayal, AshicArun, and Anjali Bhat.

Rinosh George Malayalam Actor