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Malayalam Singer Anwar Sadath
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Anwar Sadath was born on January 6, 1981, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu (Chennai). Anwar Sadath is also known as Anwar Saduth. He is a follower of the Hindu religion. He is an Indian film singer and producer who has primarily worked in the Malayalam film industry. Anwar has worked in major films such as “Madura Raja” and “School Diary”.

 “Madura Raja” , Anwar's previous movie to be released in theatres, was released in 2019. He also sang a song from the film Sunday Holiday Click to look into! >> Read More... (Kando Ninte Kannil), which became a hit in Malayalam. As a producer, he has produced a Malayalam movie called School Diary (M Hajamoinu written and directed, which was produced by Anvar Sadath). Anvar Sadath has been working in the entertainment sector of the Tollywood industry and, his work has appeared in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. In 2019, he sang the song "Kandille Kandille" from the popular movie Madhuraraja.

Anwar Sadath has also sung the following songs that include: Nallavan, Happy, Ottakkayyan Changeduthu kaattiyaal (Wanted 2004), Jugunure (Kaazhcha 2004), Chiri chirichal (Udayon 2005), Kadha Kadha (Raappakal 2005), Thullithulli Nadakkana [D] (Parayaam 2006), Shankhanaadam Veeraalippattu (Anantham 2007), Kannaa Vaada (Hero 2006), Maarthoma Nanmayaal (Kangaroo 2007), Kaakkiyittoru Autokkaranu Kangaroo (2007). He has also sung many Mapilla songs in Malayalam and has done around 62 album tracks. Anwar Sadath is not only a talented singer, but he also can produce films. He has done miracles with his voice by singing in album songs, mapilla songs, and other songs.


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