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Not everything we try bring success to us, but in case of Malayalam Actor Vijay Babu Vijay Babu is a popular South Indian actor, who ha >> Read More... Vijay Babu , everything he tries he does it great. As a Child artist he has always been fond of theatre and movies. Today he is one of the most talked about producer, film maker and actor of the Malayalam Film Industry. Born and brought up in Kerala, Vijay started off his career in Star India, Mumbai in 2002. He due to his professional work ethics and quality service was rewarded as the BEST EMPLOYEE for the Star channel itself. In those days, he interacted with a lot of artists in the acting field. He was also very close to the idea of having his own start up venture. He was the man of his dreams for sure, as he quit his lucrative job and went seeking his dream of beeingan entrepreneur in the coming days.

He for that purpose flew off to Dubai as it seemed a good option to start off well. His venture was a success after which he returned to India. On coming back from Dubai, he wanted to work with Telugu channels; henceforth he established his work in channels like Sitara TV and Asia TV of Hyderabad. He married Smitha, a colleague he met when he was in Dubai and kept on with his work. After gaining enough experience in Hyderabad he returned back to Kerala and became the Chief operations officer at Surya TV. Few years into the industry, Vijay babu quit his job once again to seek his interest he had developed all these years while working in the media sector. He decided he will explore the idea of film making and acting in the Mollywood Industry. This being another field of his interest was a success in no time.

He by 2014 was already into producing films and he was also offered roles for some movies. Today, he is one of the founder of the Film production company known as Friday Film House with actress . This came after his movie Friday was released, and hence we call this movie as his first production venture. Movies like Peruchazhi (2014), Aadu (2015), Philips and the Monkey Pen (2013) and Mudhugauv (2016) have been produced and acted on by none other than multi-skilled Vijay Babu. Today we know him for his best work done for the movie Nee-naa and Philips and the Monkey Pen. His Friday Film House won 7 Kerala State film awards after 2013. Vijay proudly gives credit to his interactions he did while he was working in the media sector. Being in the field, he'd worked honestly and clearly followed his instincts bringing us the most multi faceted artist today!