P. K. Venukuttan Nair was born in 1931 and died on 26th November 2012. Nair was an Indian drama personality and Malayalam movie actor. He was the vice-president of the Kerala Sangeeth Natak Akademi and associate of the Kendra Sangeet Nataka Academy. He won many prizes at state-level contests for professional acting, comprising the P. J. Antony Reward in March 2002. Nair expired on 26th November 2012 in Thiruvananthapuram at the age of 81. Mr. Nair, an engineer-turned drama artist, had won the National award for the best manager for ‘Swathi Tirunal’ in 1988, ‘Othello’ in 1992, ‘ Anna Karenina’ in 1991 and‘ Indulekha’ in 1989. His play on the mom of Socialist patriarch, ‘Elamkulathe Amma’ had won significant acclaim. He had performed in four flicks, Swapanadanam, Swayamwaram, Oru Cherupunchiri and Ulkkadal. He was the vice-president of the Kerala Sangita Natak School and affiliate of the Kendra Sangita Nataka College.

Mr. Nair had improved his skills as a performer and manager in the teams of masters like P.K. Vikraman Nair, his brother, and C.J. Thomas. He lived with his spouse. Theatre campaigners and individuals from distinctive walks of life called his house to pay tribute. The corpse of Nair burned at Santikavadam. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, in his concerned message, labeled Mr. Nair as a drama artist who cherished an unique style contradicting the predictable theatre ideas. Culture Minister K.C. Joseph defined Mr. Nair as a person who has discrete talent.. He had created himself as an actor and play house critic. The Leader of the Competitor V.S. Achuthanandan portrayed Mr. Nair as one who made priceless aid as a player, interpreter of classical theatres and as a dedicated drama trainer. However, he also has a controversy surrounding the artist.

The city forces have arrested a leading celebrity and actor in a relationship with the alleged harassment of a seven-year-old lassie, the police said. Seventy-year-old P K Venukuttan Nair, the respected individual in the drama circles in Kerala and a picture performer of yesteryears, was under arrest by police on the base of a complaint recorded by the girl’s parents with the State Females' Commission (SFC). Nair had been imprisoned in judicial keeping and relocated to the police cell in the therapeutic university hospital for health reasons. The paternities then advanced to SWC with a complaint. The committee recorded the child's declaration and issued a warning to the suspect. As he was deprived of the charge, the case transferred to the police. However, the arrest took place; the subject came to daylight when SWC president M Kamalam made an unintended reference to the problem at a public gathering.

P. J. Antony Malayalam Actor

P. J. Antony

P.J.Antony was an Indian soap and film actor, vastly appreciated for his performance in the 1973 movie Nirmalyam, where he acted as a medium between a goddess and her worshipers, for which he also won the Bharath Award(now National Film Award for Best Actor). The movie won him a lot of appreciation and established him among the greats of Malayalam Film Industry. However, the role was not initially offered to him, as it was a veteran actor who declined this offer and proposed the name of P.J.Antony. He established the Pratibha Theatres and P.J.Theatres in the city of Kochi. Both these theatres are still active. Before his ventures in the field of acting, he served in the Royal Navy in his early twenties, as the Second World War was enraged. After the end of War he got an opportunity to work with professional artists, and it was not long that he established himself as a capable actor, writer, and director in the Malayalam cinema. After gaining enough experience in the field of acting in theatres, he moved on to acting in films, and made his debut with Randidangazhi(1957), after which there was no stopping him. He went on to make ‘Rosy’ a film in which he was a hero. Then came one of his biggest blockbuster film, titled ‘Bhargavi Nilayam’. It was a ghost movie where the heroine’s character dies and appears as a ghost. The reason of her death is however not clearly depicted. This was also one of his most appreciated works. After these he starred in movies like ‘Murapennu’, ‘Kunjalimarakkar’,’Balyakala Sakhi’ and ‘Nadhi’. His last acting venture was in the film Manninte Maril. Alongside being a great actor, he was a phenomenal writer, director and lyricist. He directed a movie named Periyar. Alongside this directorial venture he also has 115 plays, two novels and nine screenplays. On March 12 2016, all his works, comprising over 3000 pages was brought out by the Sahitya Pravarthaka Sahakarana Sangham. Also K.G.George made a film based on P.J.Antony’s film ‘Oru Gramanthinde Katha’ titled ‘Kolangal’. In the Year 2007, on March 14, his life was presented in the form of a play at Ernakulam Fine Arts Hall, which has now been adapted into a book. During his glorious career, he had a fair share of controversies. In his film Nirmalyam, he had a sequence, where he was seen spitting on a Hindu Idol in the temple, for which he became a controversial figure for quite some time. It was on the 14th of March 1979, when India lost one of its legendary artist.


Padmaraj Ratheesh

Padmaraj Ratheesh is a famous actor from the Malayalam industry. He was born in Kerala to the couple Diana and the well-known veteran hero Ratheesh. His dad passed away when he was little, and his mother too is no more. Though his father already belonged to the industry Padmaraj along with his siblings were not given much exposure to the cinema field and considered their dad's office was just another "office." As they grew up, everyone studied very well and are in high positions now. But the junior Ratheesh always had the interest to become an actor and to follow his dad's footsteps. But before joining in films the actor had majored in Business Management and worked in a reputed company for about five years, but he had to resign as there was no one there to look after his sick mother. Padmaraj's debut movie was named Fireman where he got to play a negative role. His next film was with one of the Mollywood superstar Mammootty. The film was given the title as Acche Din, and Padmaraj's acting was very well appreciated and praised by the audience. The artist also has a younger sister named Parvathy Ratheesh who also is very well educated and she too entered in this field. Both the siblings have got no formal training for acting whatsoever, but they grew up watching their dad's motion pictures which were just enough for them to do well in the industry. Karinkunnam 6S is the third film of the elder Ratheesh which is likely to be released this year, and he will share the screen space with the beautiful star Manju Warrier. In this flick, he plays the role of a volleyball player, and Manju Warrier plays the role of a coach. It was the first ever movie made on the sport of volleyball in Mollywood. Deepu Karunakaran has directed this amazing flick who also happened to direct Padmaraj's first motion picture, Fireman. The superstar Mammootty is like a godfather for these two newbies in the industry. He was a close friend of their father's.

Padmaraj Ratheesh Malayalam Actor