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Malayalam Tv Serial Indulekha

Indulekha Malayalam Tv serials on Doordarshan

Indulekha is a Malayalam television series which is based on the historic novel of the same name. The original story got published in the year 1889, and since then it is considered as one of the aptest portrayals of the society’s unjust of those times. The adapted story of this series had been taken from the original works of the author ‘O. Chandu Menon’. The story is considered as a flourishing initiative that created a landmark in the pages of history in Malayalam literature. The story is a clear reflection on the cultural dilemma that flowed in the air in that period.

The originally written novel was named after its lead character, Indulekha. She is a beautiful, educated girl of 18 years. She is the definition of grace, and intelligence, combined together. Apart from that, she is also a gifted artist. The story begins in this stage, where she is also in love with a young man called Madhavan. He is presented in the story with ideal colors, who is a member of the newly educated family belonging to the Nair class. He had recently graduated from the University of Madras. Although he wore western clothes, he maintained to have the tuft of hair, which is in accordance with the customs of the Nairs.

The story walks its viewers through the scenario of the matrilineal society during those times, and how it encourages an old Namboothiri man to initiate a relationship with Indulekha. At this point, Indulekha promptly shoves this Namboothiri person, but Madhavan runs away in haste from the household and travels to the land of Bengal. Upon reaching Bengal, Madhavan attempts to make a proper living on the land, and in this process ends up making a lot of new friends. Eventually, he then comes back, and upon his arrival, he is once again united with his lost love Indulekha. Finally, both of them set off together for Madras, which is now known as Chennai.

The storyline of this series and the novel emphasizes on the concept of inter-caste marriages during the days of its inception. The old Namboothiri man is the portrayal of the decadence of age-old feudalism in the society and its practices of polygamy. The female lead of the story depicts the flourishing resistance of a progressive woman from the Nair caste. Her refusal to succumb to the oppression of the feudal Namboothiri and her decision to marry Madhavan depicts the beauty of standing against the social evils present during that period.