Aghosh Vyshnavam Malayalam Actor

Aghosh Vyshnavam is a renowned model portfolio-making photographer from Kerala. He worked in the Malayalam film industry as a fashion photographer for many years. He started out as a fashion designer and because of his brilliant skills in arts, he escalated his career to another level and became one of the popular photographers in Kerala. His transition was quite interesting; from a school boy who dreamt of becoming a photographer, his passion brought him to a bigger platform.

During school days, he used to buy mobile phones so he can take pictures using its camera. Photography became his hobby as a student, as he used to take photographs of his friends. As a student, he got used to joining different art forms such as dancing. He learned from the Youth Festivals, which was organized specifically for students in his school. He graduated Fashion Designing, which just proves that he is really into fashion and photography.

In 2013, Aghosh made another turn in his career as he entered the world of cinema. He became the cinematographer of a Malayalam short film entitled News, which he also helmed. In 2015, he also worked as the cinematographer of the Malayalam film, Thilothama, which was helmed by Preethi Panikkar Preethi Panikkar is an Indian film director from t >> Read More... Preethi Panikkar .